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Release date: Nov, 2022 Publisher: Wild Spike Inc.

In this fast-paced slither io web browser game, the player will play as a worm and will have to eat as much food as he/she can – all the while avoiding other bigger worms.


  • Move the mouse to control the worm’s direction
  • Press the left mouse button, right mouse button, or space to speed up

Game Description: is a modern remake of the classic snake game, with a revised approach and target as compared to the original game. In this fast-paced slither io web browser game, the player will play as a worm and will have to eat as much food as he/she can – all the while avoiding other bigger worms.

Developed by the leader in slither .io games, Wild Spike Inc., presents several exciting challenges and tasks, all for which the player is also rewarded heavily. So, hit the “Play” button and enjoy this graphically enhanced slither .io game – completely free!


How to Play


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To earn XP points and obtain ranking in the game, you must first need to understand’s three game modes. They are known as Timed, Endless, and Gems Fever. In the timed mode, the player needs to eat food more than anyone else within 5 minutes period.

In the endless mode, the player needs to eat as much as they can to gain maximum weight for their worm. While this mode does not have a primary time limit, there are timed tasks involved (e. g. staying alive for a certain time/gobbling up the required number of fruits). The winner is the one who gains maximum weight in the end.

The final is the “Gems Forever” mode. In this mode, the player must collect as many gems as possible within 10 minutes. The one who can finish with the highest collection will be the winner.


Playing Environment

This io slithers web browser game offers great playing panorama with some visually beautiful elements throughout. The game has a top-down view perspective that also has an auto zoom-in and out feature, which works whenever the screen gets too cluttered with worm size and other objects.

When in play, the game screen will show a list of logged players, eat counter, a time clock, a map radar, and basic game options (e. g. settings, exit, etc.) The game has been coded effectively so there are no glitches in any functionality or in-game screening.


Graphics, like all other Wild Spikes games, is graphically quite appealing and well-designed. The game sports 3D architecture with varied and beautiful color patterns. The edges of the elements are smooth and the game physics is quite flexible to play. All in all, has such good quality graphics which will be retina-friendly and enjoyable from all angles.


Weapons & Health

There are as such no direct weapons available in the game since it is not a fighting html5 game. This game is about growth and evolution based which means as you eat more and more food and accumulate weight, your worm will become stronger and new growth advantages will be unlocked.

As for health, you just need to avoid any kind of direct contact with any other worm in the playground, be it small or big. Other than that, there is no health issue.



There are tons of customizations to be availed in this html5 web browser slither game. There are two ways to get them: the player can purchase customizations or level up their game to get customizations for free.

Customizations are also varied in this io slither game such as skin, facial features, hats, flags, and many others. So, either purchase your favorite customizations early or play and level up your game to get a set of customizations for free.


Multiplayer Mode is an MMO and PVP game, which means it is massively multiplayer-er and player-vs-player. The player, however, can play in solo mode as well but that will be up against other players online.


Tips & Strategies

Here is a trick or two which will get the most out of this web browse html5 snake game:




Video Walkthrough