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Release date: Dec, 2018 Publisher: Jetti Games, another exciting and fun io snake web browser game, is a highly addictive multiplayer io title that you just cannot ignore to play.


  • Move the worm with your mouse
  • Left-click to speed up

Game Description, another exciting and fun io snake web browser game, is a highly addictive multiplayer io title that you just cannot ignore to play. In this intense multiplayer snake game, you will be playing as a worm that needs to eat dots and grow to be the biggest worm on the map.

Also, you will be able to collect several kinds of power-ups scattered on the map which will give you myriad types of boosts as well. You will need to avoid crashing into other worms or being trapped by them if you wish to ace this challenging snake game.

So, what is there to wait further? Let’s learn how you can play and be the biggest worm in the forest!


How to Play


Earning XP & Leveling up

To score XP points, just keep on collecting the glowing dots scattered on the map. As your worm continues to grow larger, your level will also increase with it.

However, there is one thing you should be careful about when collecting the glowing dots – if a worm comes close to you with a rainbow-glowing-like effect – avoid it at all costs.

Such kind of worm has the power to suck all your hard-earned points instantly. This is a special power-up found in this exciting snake io web game – and you can collect this power-up and attack other worms as well.


Playing Environment

The game offers a top-down view as a third-person perspective. The in-game camera feature is highly responsive since it zooms in and zooms out (automatically) whenever your worm gets into a congested area of the map.

Plus, the in-game screen only shows the players’ score list and a map radar which will tell the player where he/she is on the platform.

The minimal in-game elements keep the player highly focused in this exciting web browser snake arcade game.



The graphics in this io web browser snake arcade game is of superior quality. The exquisitely designed 3D architecture with high-quality color patterns makes one of the finest graphical titles in the io arcade game genre.

And do not forget that the dots have a glowing colorful effect to them, which makes this web browser game more graphically enhanced. Plus, you can change the graphical setting from high to low right from the main menu of this game.



There are plenty of customizations that the player can enjoy in For example, you can choose a flag of your country (upon availability); the color of your worm’s body, and the stripes of its skin as well.

Isn’t it remarkable? For-free customizations? Start and design your worm the way you like it right away!


Weapons & Health

Weapons are in the form of power-ups in For example, the power-ups may give you a speed boost, power-sucking from other worms, and slow the speed of other worms among other things.

As for health, there is no health bar present here about which the player needs to worry. However, what the player must watch out for is to avoid a head-on collision with other worms – any part of their body – to be specific.



This io web browser snake arcade game is an MMO and PVP io web browser game. This means the player will be up against a multitude of other players online, and those will not be bots, but real players from around the world. This describes the tag of “PVP,” which means player-vs-player in the gaming genres.