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Words of Wonder

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: Famobi GmbH

Words of Wonders (also pronounced as WOW) is a web browser HTML5 crosswords puzzle game that is one of the most popular puzzle games in this genre.


  • Use left-click to play the game
  • Tap on on-screen options and word tiles to match and play

Game Description

Words of Wonders (also pronounced as WOW) is a web browser HTML5 crosswords puzzle game that is one of the most popular puzzle games in this genre. The game has a beautiful graphical background with scenic pictures on each level representing a world wonder or a world heritage spot.

So, the goal of this online HTML5 crossword puzzle game is to fit in the right words in empty slots. Each level of the game has different words and slots which the player has to fill with correct word combinations. Do not worry! The game offers lots of ways to redeem your life if you are unable to do correct combinations at any level.

WOW! This web browser game does fit perfectly this exclamation, so let us sharpen our brains and see if we are good at solving some of the best wonders of crosswords on our own!


How to Play Words of Wonder


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are offered in this game as gems. These gems will be useful for the players whenever they need a hint, reveal a letter, or unlock an entire word. There are two ways Words of Wonders offer its players to earn gems – one by winning in-game levels and the other via a spinning wheel (ads-sponsored).

Because any hint or help at any level requires a lot of gems, players should be careful when using hints or help of any kind. The best way to keep your gems safe for crucial moments is to keep winning the game based on your analytical skills, and this is also fair and fun as well.

Other than these crucial guidelines, all is fun and challenging out there for you to test your abilities in vocabulary and analytical thinking.


Playing Environment

This web browser word puzzle game offers a beautiful and less-distracting gameplay experience with some beautiful real pictures of the wonders of this world, as well as scenic landscapes, as backgrounds.

The options are quite straightforward: There is a level button in the middle which indicates the level you are on, and it is also the game starting button as well. On the top right side of the screen is a small gear icon for settings, in which the players can turn on/off the in-game sound and music.

Additionally, the language selection option is also available within the settings menu to change the language according to your preferences. Apart from these, the game offers a third-person view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600.

The screen also has a landscape mode which is great for full-screen gaming and for the scenic background views in this game.



Words of Wonders has a beautiful and visually soothing 3D graphical interface with real pictures of world wonders and scenic landscapes in the background. There are some special effects as well in the game which adds more beauty to the overall graphics.

Players will definitely love the graphical output of this online puzzle word game.



There are no customizations available in this web browser HTML5 crossword puzzle game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this io web game. Also, no health restrictions of any kind are in place, but three wrong combinations may cost the player his valuable gems, set by set.



Words of Wonders is a single-player solo game. The players will be playing all the levels solely, so there is no worry of any competition whether in offline or online modes, respectively.