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Wood Dice Merge

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: SUN.STUDIO

Wood Dice Merge is a simple and fun HTML5 web browser board game that is easy to play yet with a tricky puzzling strategy.


  • Left-click on the dice to rotate/select

Game Description

Wood Dice Merge is a simple and fun HTML5 web browser board game that is easy to play yet with a tricky puzzling strategy. This online io strategy puzzle game brings two game modes for the players both of which are filled with some exciting dice puzzle challenges.

The goal in both game modes is simple: make matches and merge the same dice. But where is the tricky strategical part of this? That is the real question lingering on your mind. The challenging and tricky part in achieving this goal is how you place your dice on the board because you need to have space on the board until you reach the milestone score to win.

Oh yeah! That sounds like a logical strategy puzzle game for you, right? Do you think you can solve this dice-merging puzzle on your own? We will have to find that out when you start playing Wood Dice Merge. But before you do, let us run through some of the basics of this game so you will be up to date on how you can play and win in this exciting web browser logic puzzle game – hit it!


How to Play Wood Dice Merge


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP points are given based on reaching the milestone score or completing the mission in-game. Both gameplays are different in approach and included in the two game modes known as “Classic Solo” and “Adventure” modes, respectively.

In the “Classic Solo” mode, the player must attain a certain milestone score to gain XP points, win, and move on to the next round.

The “Adventure” mode is, however, a mission-based gaming mode in which you must keep merging the dice until you finally get the required dice merge which will be shown at the start of the round, in the form of the dice itself.

Both game modes in this online io strategy board game offer XP points upon winning (and even a power-up). The gameplay level and the difficulty will also rise as you win and move on to the new stages in-game.


Playing Environment

Wood Dice Merge offers a top-down view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 432×768. The game also has a portrait screen orientation which is great for mobile gamers specifically.

The game’s menu is also simple to access. The players can select the game mode right from the main screen and can click on the settings gear icon to turn on/off the sound as well.

And that is simple enough to set this web browser board game according to your preferences and get ready to play.



This online io board puzzle game has a sleek, smooth, and beautiful 2D graphical interface with visually appealing color patterns across the game. The graphics of this amazing board game is such beautifully-designed and present so smooth colorful patterns that the players will surely enjoy – apart from the game – the high-quality graphical interface.



There are no customizations available in Wood Dice Merge.


Weapons & Health

Also, there is no need for weapons or health restrictions in this game. This is a web browser strategy board game that does not have any kind of conflicts or battles in it.



There is no online or offline multiplayer PVP feature in this online strategy logic game. The players will be playing both game modes solely.