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Vex 7

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher: Azerion Casual Games

Vex 7 is a fun and exciting online parkour running game where the player will be playing a variety of challenging parkour puzzles.


  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move around

Game Description

Vex 7 is a fun and exciting online parkour running game where the player will be playing a variety of challenging parkour puzzles. The player will be controlling a handsomely-designed stickman and the goal in this io parkour web browser game is to avoid obstacles and reach different milestone points safely.

Besides having exciting puzzle parkour rounds, there are tons of skins, achievement perks, and even a special round by the name of “Tower of Terror” as well as daily tasks to play and get.

Therefore, let us move forward and see glimpses of each and all Vex 7 online web browser game has to offer.


How to Play Vex 7


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Well, to score XP points the player needs to successfully collect gold coins in the parkour playground while avoiding obstacles.  But to level up and win the rounds in Vex 7, the player must finish the objectives given before each round.

Each round in this io web browser parkour puzzle game is objective-based. However, whether you accomplish the objective or not, earning gold coins during the gameplay will still earn you an XP score.


Playing Environment

This online web game offers a third-person view and has an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Vex 7 has lots of options on the main menu which will give the player full control over the game.

You can change some gameplay settings, such as auto-restarting the round upon elimination; sound control, and other features as well. The player can also avail 89 skins available for their stickman as well (had to be purchased from in-game coins).

The player can also access daily tasks from the main menu as well as the special timed round “Tower of Terror.” Additionally, the player can also change the in-game language to up to 11 different international languages.



Vex 7 has a beautifully-designed 2D graphical interface with clean bright color patterns which adds further beauty to the overall graphical interface. The in-game background has a beautiful blue-dotted white background that is fixed and gives off a wallpaper style to the in-game overall background.

Plus is the factor that the entire gameplay graphics are completely retina-friendly and puts no stress on the player’s eyes. So, enjoy playing this casual parkour web game for hours on end without any worries about your visuals.



There are almost 89 skins for your stickman in Vex 7. However, those skins had to be purchased from the in-game coins you earn while playing. The skins are quite beautifully designed and will provide many styles to your otherwise simple stickman.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this online stickman parkour game. Additionally, there is no health bar present as well. The only thing the player must avoid is being killed by an obstacle, and other than that, all is good to go.



Vex 7 is a solo one-player game. The player will be taking on the puzzling parkour challenges by himself.