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Uphill Rush 12

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher: Azerion Casual Games

Uphill Rush 12 is the twelfth installment of this famous casual arcade web browser car racing game.


  • The ‘up’ key will move the car forward.
  • The ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ keys let you tilt the car in the air.

Game Description

Uphill Rush 12 is the twelfth installment of this famous casual arcade web browser car racing game. You will be driving a taxi on a variety of challenging courses and needs to reach the finish line before your fuel or time runs out.

What is great about this io car racing game is the tons of customizations it offers as well as its beautiful graphics. We can bet you that you will not have enough of Uphill Rush 12 once you start playing this exciting casual arcade racing game.

So, why wait further? Let us hop in and learn how you can play and win in Uphill Rush 12!


How to Play Uphill Rush 12


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in this tricky web browser racing game, you need to drive your taxi throughout the circuit and collect all the gold coins therein to collect. Additionally, you can boost your XP’s in a second if you can perform any noteworthy stunt while driving.

As you win each stage, your gameplay level will increase. And with this increased level also comes a variety of new obstacles and hurdles in your path.

The player will start with no gold coins in their in-game purse. However, they can instantly fill it with 1000 gold coins by watching a sponsored video. That is a good starting gift that is there for anyone to take.

Also, as you conclude each round, you will again have the option to watch a sponsored video and increase your gold coins by double. There are up to 20 levels to finish before you finally conclude the game as a winner.


Playing Environment

The game offers a third-person view on an in-game resolution of 800×450. This web browser car racing game can also be played on a mobile phone’s web browser. Uphill Rush 12 has a portrait view mode which works best on both desktop and mobile browsers.

The game’s main menu is also minimal: You can change language, turn sound and music on/off, and go to the upgrade shop to change/upgrade your vehicle and characters.



Graphics in this online car racing arcade game is of the highest quality. The 2D graphical interface with bright, sparkling, and visual-friendly colors is just awesome. During gameplay, you will feel as if you are witnessing a cartoonish-style animated game. And what is better, it does not drain your device’s resources at all.



Customizations are a plus point of Uphill Rush 12 because you will have lots of vehicles and characters to unlock, and of different types as well. For example, you can choose from a lot of different types of vehicles such as cars, scooters, skateboards, motor rubber boats, and even horses – good gracious!

And the same level of diversity is also visible in the characters section where the player can choose from both males and females, of various ethnicities, apparel, superheroes, and even a Santa Clause.

You see! That is why we mentioned that customization is one of the top hallmarks of this web browser arcade racing adventure game.


Weapons & Health

Since this is not a fighting or battle genre web game, there are no weapons involved here. Also, there is no need to worry about health issues either. However, one thing to keep note of is that you should avoid falling on your head while racing. This will instantly eliminate you and you must restart your race.



Uphill Rush 12 offers a solo one-player gaming mode, only. Although having a multiplayer feature would have dramatically increased the fun and excitement of such a fascinating online car racing arcade, it nevertheless still has lots of it in store for a single player as well.