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Up Hill

Release date: Jan, 2023 Publisher: SoftGames

Up Hill is an extension of the famous mobile phone hill racing game, and it is equally well-developed for the desktop web browser io genre as well.


  • Use the left arrow key to hit the brakes
  • Use the right-arrow key to accelerate
  • Tap left on mobile to hit brakes
  • Tap right to accelerate

Game Description

Up Hill is an extension of the famous mobile phone hill racing game, and it is equally well-developed for the desktop web browser io genre as well. So, the goal is the same: you will need to drive your vehicle on rough high up-and-down tracks without having your car falling head-over-heels.

Additionally, you will collect coins and gas for your car as you try to drive your way to a variety of rough tracks along the way.

So, Up Hill will be a challenging drive for you – do you have what it takes to drive this good? Let us find out!


How to Play Up Hill


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The player will score XP points in this io web browser racing game by collecting coins on the race course. So, the more coins you collect, the more your XP score will be.

When the player reaches a milestone, which is indicated by a flag pole, the player’s level also increases by one point.

However, the player needs to drive carefully since the racing tracks are very tricky, especially on the edges of the sharp curves.


Playing Environment

This web browser arcade racing game offers a third-person view with in-game dimensions of 800×600, which is a full-screen resolution and ideal for an io arcade racing game.

The game is also not cluttered with several options as well. The player simply needs to click on a “play” symbol from the main menu; the player will then be shown the customization screen where they can select cars and race courses (to be unlocked), and then hit the tracks.



Up Hill have some top-class 2D graphics with beautiful color patterns and sleek elemental design. Another quality of the graphical architecture of this io web browser arcade racer is that the overall graphics are retina-friendly, which means the player will play as much as they want without straining their eyes.

Aren’t these graphical qualities and interface enough to make this already-fun io racing game more exciting?



There are several customized vehicles and race courses available on Up Hill However, there is a minor catch – the player must need to purchase customizations by winning coins.

But just to give you a glimpse, there are several types of vehicles with different color styles such as cabbies, ice cream trucks, roller jeeps, etc. A similar pattern is with the race courses which are also different such as a desert, rocky mountains, misty forests, etc.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this web browser car racing game. Additionally, there is no health bar present in this web game as well.

However, the player only needs to take care of one thing: the car should not fall head over, or else the player will lose the round.



This game is a solo one-player io game. The player will be playing solo on all the race courses and gets all the rewards by themselves.