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Traffic Jam 3D

Release date: Jun, 2022 Publisher: Great Games

Traffic Jam 3D is a fun web browser driving game where you’ll need to drive your car to the finish line amongst heavy traffic on the road.


  • Arrow keys to accelerate, break, and movement
  • Left-click on the on-screen controls to use nitro boost and beamer lighting 

Game Description

Traffic Jam 3D is a fun web browser driving game where you’ll need to drive your car to the finish line amongst heavy traffic on the road. The game is exciting since it has to offer lots of customization, racing modes, cars, and some in-depth game settings.

There are four different game modes in this online io car racing game and each has a different racing approach to it. However, in each of them, the player’s ultimate goal is to reach the end of the race without getting destroyed by heavy traffic.

However, we will discuss more about each gaming mode in this diverse io car racing game in the section below. So, when there is so much to enjoy in a single racing game, it is usually best to get down to business and start playing the game right away, correct?

Let us then learn about some of the basic elements of this game and how you can play it to win – start the engines!


How to Play Traffic Jam 3D


Earning XP & Leveling Up

So, here is something about earning XPs and leveling up in this game. There are four game modes in Traffic Jam 3D: Career, Infinite, Time Against, and Free. To score XPs and earn points in the career mode, players will progress level-by-level and each level requires certain tasks to be accomplished to gain points and win the round.

In the “Infinite” mode, the players will have to drive as long and as much as they can earn XPs and rewards. However, if you crash even a single time, you will lose in the “Infinite” mode. In the “Time Against” mode, players need to achieve tasks within a given time. Failing to do so will make you lost in this racing mode.

Finally, in the “Free” racing mode, there are no obligations whatsoever. You can drive as you like and as long as you like without worrying about any tasks. This final gameplay mode is ideal for practicing in traffic before you play other task-oriented game modes in Traffic Jam 3D.


Playing Environment

This online io driving arcade game offers a diverse in-game menu and a feature-some interface. On the game’s main screen, the players will find an in-game settings option and a garage option. There is also a daily reward and ad-sponsored free cash reward options as well.

However, if you would like to inspect and upgrade your vehicle, you can go to the garage option and over there will be a lot of upgrading options as well as players can purchase new vehicles – based on in-game cash.

In the “Settings” option, the players can change gameplay preferences such as turning off in-game music and FX sounds; and in the “Advanced” tab under the settings, players can change such graphical settings like enabling/disabling crash effects, FPS counter, and graphical features such as enabling back-mirrors and floating dashboard.

Apart from these, the game offers a first-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 900×600. Additionally, the game has a landscape screen orientation with a wide-view screen angle – a better gameplay experience for the players.

One bit of shocking news is that this game is not supported to play on mobile devices – what a shame!



This web browser action car driving game offers a 3D graphical interface with a sharp and crisp elemental design. The color patterns are also varied and diverse and are quite visual-friendly for the players.

Since this game offers some level of in-game graphical customization, players who find it difficult to play the game smoothly can easily go into the game’s settings, and under the “Advanced” tab, can disable some of the elements to make the game smoother.



Customizations are quite a hallmark of Traffic Jam 3D – they are in super-rich quantity. The players can easily upgrade the engine, suspension, and steering dynamics; vehicle’s body color, rim color, car height, gear changing ratio, and front and rear chamber sizes – hell yeah! That is a lot of customization, isn’t it?

And not only that, but the players can also even buy new vehicles from a good range of cars and SUVs available in the game, given that they have enough in-game cash to buy vehicles.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in this online HTML5 driving game and neither are there any health restrictions of any kind.



There is no multiplayer mode in this game. This is a single-player solo io title where players can play freely without the fear of any competition, not from an offline or an online second player. So, get to play all the game modes by yourself and enjoy the immense driving fun Traffic Jam 3D has to offer for free!