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Tomb of Mark 2

Release date: Apr, 2023 Publisher:

Tomb of Mark 2 is an exciting HTML5 puzzle game that has some tricky puzzling rounds to clear which will lead the player to the elusive Mark’s tomb.


PC controls:

  • Use the arrow keys to move

Touch controls:

  • Use the on-screen buttons to move

Game Description

Tomb of Mark 2 is an exciting HTML5 puzzle game that has some tricky puzzling rounds to clear which will lead the player to the elusive Mark’s tomb. There are up to 20 levels of puzzle rounds in which the player will face tough challenges to surpass them.

So, the objective of this web browser casual puzzle game is to collect all the in-game elements and try to reach the exit door of the stage, which will take the player to the next stage. However, along with each new stage, new obstacles and puzzle difficulties will arise. It solely depends upon your gameplay skills as to how far you can go against the obstacles in-game.

Are you ready to explore the dangerous pathways to the mysterious tomb of Mark? If so, you had to bear a little more with us so that we can teach you how you can play and win in Tomb of Mark 2.


How to Play Tomb of Mark 2


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in this web browser puzzle adventure game, you need to collect all the in-game collectibles: golden dots, stars, and masks. There is a different approach to passing the stage in this io puzzle game, which is the door to the next stage will not open until you collect all the collectibles in a stage.

As you pass each stage, you are in-game level will also increase with it.


Playing Environment

Tomb of Mark 2 offers a top-down view of vertical gameplay dynamics on-screen. The in-game screen dimension is 800×600 and the orientation is in portrait mode. This puzzle arcade game is also available to play on a mobile web browser.

The game’s main menu is also simple to start. The player needs to simply click/tap on-screen to start the game. It will lead you, first, to the game’s level menu from where you can also turn the in-game sound on/off.

Afterward, simply select the unlocked level 1 to start the game – simple!



This web browser puzzle arcade game offers a neat 2D (somewhat retro-style) graphical interface which may remind the player about some of the classic arcade games of the 80s and 90s. The stages are designed to resemble the famous Dangerous Dave arcade game of the 90s.

The color patterns are quite diverse and visually-friendlier which will certainly be a prizing factor for the player’s eyes.



No customizations are available in the Tomb of the Mark 2 io game – as of now!


Weapons & Health

There are also no weapons available in this web game to exploit since no direct conflict is involved in the gameplay dynamics. As for health, the player only needs to avoid different obstacles in-game as a direct collision will result in an instant death.



This web browser puzzle arcade game does not offer a multiplayer feature either. The player will be playing solo all 21 levels in-game, and they are filled with enough excitement that the player will not feel the need to have any other competitor online.