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Tiny Football Cup

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: Inlogic Software

Tiny Football Cup is a fun and exciting online web browser football game where you will play a football match in a Carrom board format.


  • Left-click to kick

Game Description

Tiny Football Cup is a fun and exciting online web browser football game where you will play a football match in a Carrom board format. Sounds confusing, right? How can a football match be played in a Carrom style? Well, no need to worry as we have your back on this!

So, this online io football game offers an interface in which players are in the form of carrom discs, and these discs will be hitting the ball to score goals. You will be paired with an in-game bot team in your bid to win the match.

Additionally, this web browser sports game offers an abundance of gameplay modes in the form of well-known football tournaments, and a two-player game mode where you can compete against a friend or an acquaintance on the same device.

So, what is there to wait further? Let us get to know more about Tiny Football Cup and get started with our favorite leagues!


How to Play Tiny Football Cup


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XPs and earn rewards, you need to win every match you play in this game. There is a tournament, leagues, and two-player modes in the game. Playing and winning each of them will give you rewards and XPs.

Also, there are two types of rewards that you will earn in this game: gems and gold coins. While certain matches can be played for free, some require you to have a certain number of gold coins or gems in your pocket.

However, the game also has an in-game shop and sponsored ads feature as well by using which players can earn free coins and gems to unlock some of the tournaments and leagues.


Playing Environment

This web browser football game offers a very feature-some gameplay experience. Right from the game’s main screen, the players can access all the league and tournament matches. There are also options for in-game settings, full-screen, customization menu, and the in-game shop.

Apart from these, the game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Additionally, the in-game screen has a landscape screen orientation with a wide-view angle, and this online io sports game is also supported to play on mobile devices.



This game has a wonderful 2D graphical interface with beautiful color schemes used throughout the game. The in-game elements are designed smoothly, and the color patterns are in PNG-style format. The graphics of this game are also visually friendlier and quite adaptive to all types of device displays.



There is a dedicated customization option in this game, which should be great news for those players who love to customize their gameplay elements. However, to use customizations available in the game, the players must first unlock them from the in-game’s shop.

The in-game shop offers four surprise packs for the players to tear open with a certain number of power-ups and upgrades inside. And within the in-game shop, players can also purchase new shapes of in-game player discs and kick power-ups, which maximize the power of your kicks.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this web browser arcade sports game, as well as no health restrictions of any kind.



Tiny Football Cup offers two-player gameplay modes on the same device. Apart from this, there is no other multiplayer mode in this game. So, you can either play singly in all the tournaments and leagues or choose to play with a friend or an acquaintance on the same device.