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The Smurfs Cooking

Release date: Dec, 2022 Publisher: IMPS

The famous Smurfs now comes to your web browser as an io adventure casual game: The Smurfs Cooking.


  • Tap or click the kitchen utilities and ingredients to prepare the dishes

Game Description

The famous Smurfs now comes to your web browser as an io adventure casual game: The Smurfs Cooking. In this fantasy casual adventure game, the player will be playing as a chef and must cook several food items to ultimately prepare for the oncoming Smurfs Food Festival.

There are several fun-filled stages, each with its own set of goals, which the player must accomplish before time runs out. There are also several items to be unlocked and several new recipes to be found in this exciting food-filled online Smurf game.

Let us find out more about Smurfs Cooking and let us get it on with our chef specialties!


How to Play the Smurfs Cooking


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The player will score XP points upon successfully serving the required recipes for all the Smurf characters which will come to the shop. However, each customer will be time-based and you must feed that customer within the given time to make points.

Similarly, the player will also level up when the round ends and he/she has successfully fed all the customers. But there is also another important thing to note here – you must also achieve the task of the round to win and level up.

The real fun lies in how you prepare and do all the in-game cooking while achieving your targets, and that will be the thing that you can enjoy only by playing in real.


Playing Environment

This online casual food adventure game offers both top-down and first-person actual-in-game view modes. The main menu where you will see the beautiful colony of the Smurfs will show a top-down view, while the actual gameplay will serve as a first-person view perspective.

The overall game screen offers portrait mode on mobile devices, which makes this web browser game also playable on mobile. Additionally, there are in-game settings such as language selection, sound, and music on/off, and an in-game shop to buy different types of upgrades.

The upgrades can be unlocked by watching sponsor videos, and for each package, there are a certain amount of sponsor videos the player needs to watch. There are also special events in the game that will unlock several rewards – they are made available after you have played certain rounds.



One of the best features of Smurfs Cooking is its beautiful and colorful graphical interface, which is also 3D. The hallmark style of the Smurfs’ houses is all present in this game with special care given to color variety with some special effects as well.

You will enjoy the best quality graphics in this web browser casual adventure game.



Customizations are available in this game in the form of upgrades to your kitchen and cutlery items. They are bundled in a package that needs to be unlocked by watching several sponsor videos at a time, which might get a bit frustrating to unlock rewards and power-ups.

For example, to unlock 1000 raw veggies and 100 ice cubes, you must watch a tally of 15 sponsored videos which is way too much when compared to other io web browser games.


Weapons & Health

No weapons or health safeguarding is required in the Smurfs Cooking. It is a simple casual food adventure game where no fighting or battle dynamics are involved. All you need to win is to get handy with your cooking and fast-serving skills.



Unfortunately, this web browser adventure Smurfs game does not offer multiplayer mode. The player will be playing solo to accomplish objectives and win each round.