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Tank Battle

Release date: Dec, 2021 Publisher: Inlogic Software

Tank Battle is an HTML5 web browser arcade battle game where you defend your base against enemy tanks while shooting them down as well.


  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move around
  • Press “Spacebar” to shoot

Game Description

Tank Battle is an HTML5 web browser arcade battle game where you defend your base against enemy tanks while shooting them down as well. The game resembles the classic TANK 90 Battle City Defense game which was released in 1990 for NES game consoles.

Except for the modern game main screen, the actual gameplay graphical interface is almost similar to the TANK 90 game, which will surely bring some nostalgic memories back to the mind. So, the player will be demolishing enemy tanks all the while keeping their base station safe from enemy attacks.

Therefore, let us start playing Tank Battle online and learn how to play and win in this game.


How to Play Tank Battle


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Players can score XPs in this online io tank battle game by eliminating enemy tanks. Each enemy tank offers different XP points. For example, if you shot down a level-3 enemy tank, your points will be higher than the level-1 tank.

Also, during the gameplay, players can collect gold coins which will additionally increase the overall in-game rewards. The XPs are also offered in this game in the form of gold coins. There are many levels to play in Tank Battle, and each new round will increase the overall gameplay level of the player as well.


Playing Environment

The game’s main screen is designed in a modern way and displays a variety of options on it. For example, players can access the tank upgrade option, sound mute option, full-screen option, and control guide option.

This online io arcade battle game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600 with a landscape screen orientation. Additionally, the game is also supported on mobile web browsers, so mobile gamers are also not left behind.



Tank Battle offers a beautiful 2D graphical interface with a sleek and smooth elemental design. Not only that but the diverse color schemes used in the game are also bright and beautiful because they are based on the PNG graphics style.



This web browser HTML5 tank battle game offers customization in the form of new tank models. If players have enough gold coins, they can buy from a variety of tanks offered in the game.

Additionally, players can also upgrade attributes of their tank from the same menu about which we will talk in the section below.


Weapons & Health

The tank is equipped with its default weapon. However, the players can upgrade the weapon and the tank to increase the damage attack. Besides the default missiles, the tanks can also shoot rockets when upgraded.

Players are offered five lives in each round. However, they can be increased by collecting life power-ups, among others, during gameplay. Players can also upgrade the armor, speed, attack, and shield powers of their tank from the customization menu.



There is no multiplayer mode available in this online action arcade battle game. The player will be playing solo as a single-player in all the levels of the game. There is no need to worry about any kind of competition; just play and enjoy Tank Battle at your will!