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Swipe the Pin

Release date: Dec, 2021 Publisher: magnificstudios

Swipe the Pin is a web browser hyper casual puzzle game that is one of the finest online puzzle games available in the HTML5 gaming genre.


  • Use left-click to select and slide away pins

Game Description

Swipe the Pin is a web browser hyper casual puzzle game that is one of the finest online puzzle games available in the HTML5 gaming genre. The game offers some really exciting and challenging situations for the players which will keep piquing their interest in this game.

So, the goal of the game is to swipe the pins open and make way for the colored balls to fall into the glass jar below. However, players have to be careful because there are strategically placed obstacles in the puzzle that they have to safely surpass.

It is a great game for young kids and adults alike to boost their problem-solving and other neurological skills. So, if you are ready to take on the puzzling challenges in Swipe the Pin, we have your back and get you going on in no time – this way, please!


How to Play Swipe the Pin


Earning XP & Leveling Up

There are no requirements for XPs or any other type of points in this game. The player only has to solve the challenging puzzles required to progress further in the game, and that is all!

However, as the in-game level increases, the difficulty level will also continue to increase with it. So, the more you play, the more your brain will be exercised in this online HTML5 hyper casual puzzle game.


Playing Environment

This game follows an exciting and unique approach to the game’s features and options. The game’s main page offers an animated icon of the game’s name and a simple play button, which has to be clicked twice to start the game – and it changes color as well upon clicking.

Afterward, a level page will come where you can see unlocked levels of the game and click on the unlocked one to start the actual game. As for the technical details, the game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 405×720.

Additionally, the game has a portrait screen orientation as well as being available on mobile phones, too.



Swipe the Pin offers a 3D graphical interface with a bright color scheme and a little bit of animation as well in the overall graphics. The in-game elemental design is smooth, and the color patterns are quite diverse, too.

The graphics of this web browser hyper casual puzzle game are also adaptive to both desktop and mobile displays as well as being visual-friendly for the player’s eyes.



There are no customizations available in this online io logical puzzle game, as of now.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in this game for players’ use, but those in use by the in-game AI create obstacles for the players.

There are also no health restrictions for the players, but they must wisely and strategically bypass the obstacles or else they will lose in case of an interaction with any obstacle.



Additionally, this game is a solo single-player game. There are no multiplayer modes available in the game, neither offline nor online. The players have all the in-game levels solely to their discretion and there is no worry about any competition from a second player.