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Surfer Cat

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: Inlogic Software

Surfer Cat is a light-hearted fun web browser casual sports game where you will play as a cat surfing on the sea while avoiding obstacles along the way.


  • Press left-click to avoid the obstacles

Game Description

Surfer Cat is a light-hearted fun web browser casual sports game where you will play as a cat surfing on the sea while avoiding obstacles along the way. The game offers a brilliant visual-friendly graphical interface as well as easy gameplay dynamics, yet with some tricky obstacles coming at you in the sea.

So, your goal in this game is to safely surf your cat on the sea waves while avoiding all the obstacles that are coming towards the cat. Also, there will be crabs, shells, and other types of foods that will come along – with a new surfboard – which your cat can eat and grab at once to earn speed and points.

Therefore, let us learn now how to play Cat Surfer and enjoy some surfing on the sea with our favorite furry friend as our playing character.


How to Play Surfer Cat


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP points in this online IO sports game are defined by how long your surfing run is, and by how many clams/shells you have collected. So, the longer you surf and collect, the more your scores will be in the end.

This game is all based on beating your previous record score by surfing. Also, as the game progresses, the in-game difficulty will increase with added speed and more obstacles to nudge your cat off the surfboard and into the sea.


Playing Environment

Surfer Cat has a very beautifully designed main page, which shows an animated background. From here the players simply start the game by clicking on the play button and turn on/off the in-game sound.

The game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Additionally, this online HTML5 sports game is supported on mobile devices and has a landscape screen orientation.



This web browser surfing sports game offers a 3D graphical interface with a smooth and sleek elemental design. The color scheme used in the game is as equally well-designed as the in-game elements: the in-game colors have a PNG styling and bring out a bright visuality.

Additionally, there are special effects in the form of background animated elements as well as obstacle crashes.



Unfortunately, there are no customizations available in this fun and exciting surfing game. However, the game’s graphics and dynamics will surely increase in experience if some customizations are introduced.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in Surfer Cat as well as no health restrictions of any kind. If the player hits any obstacle even a single time, they will lose the progress and must restart from level one again.



This web browser arcade sports game is a single-player HTML5 title and does not have any type of multiplayer gaming modes. The players will be playing all levels solely without having to worry about competition from other players.