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Super Steve Adventure

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: hexapp

Super Steve Adventure, as the name suggests, is an HTML5 web browser arcade game where the player will cross obstacles and kill enemies on a Mario-style world stage.


  • Use WAD/arrow keys to move around
  • Press “Spacebar” to shoot the whip

Game Description

Super Steve Adventure, as the name suggests, is an HTML5 web browser arcade game where the player will cross obstacles and kill enemies on a Mario-style world stage. The open-world stages are designed quite like what used to be in Nintendo’s classic Super Mario Bros – that is a refreshing revisit to the beloved past.

So, there are no stringent requirements or special tactics involved here for the players to win: simply cross each open-world stage to the next one and new levels will be automatically unlocked. You will also encounter soft enemies in each level, as well as obstacles, which you need to cross wisely.

Super Steve Adventure will surely rekindle the Mario fan-child in you, so let us learn the basics of the game and how you can play to win in it.


How to Play Super Steve Adventure


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are offered in gold coins in this web browser platform arcade game. Players can collect them while jumping from one stone to another. These gold coins will be used to buy certain power-ups for your character.

When a player crosses a stage and enters a new one, the in-game level will also increase. That is all and simple for the players to earn XPs and progress in this online adventure platformer game.


Playing Environment

This game’s features and options are also laid out in a simple manner. The players can access all the in-game options from the game’s main screen. There is an in-game shop option, a controls guide option, an ad-sponsored option to increase gold coins, and a sound/music on-off option as well.

Furthermore, the game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1280×720 with a landscape screen orientation. This online arcade adventure game is also supported on mobile devices, so players can play on updated mobile web browsers as well.



Super Steve Adventure offers a retro-style 2D pixelated graphical interface. It may not have the exact graphical interface which Super Mario Bros used to have, but it is quite like the classic block-pixelated graphics that the famous game consoles used to have in the 80s.

Additionally, the color schemes and the overall graphical interface are highly responsive to all devices and extremely visual-friendly for the players.



There are no characteristic customizations available in this web browser HTML5 arcade platformer game. However, the players can avail of power-ups for their character’s attributes, which we will discuss briefly in the section below.


Weapons & Health

There is a single weapon that the players can always use as it is enabled by default – it is a whip. Other than that, there are no weapons available in the game.

There are three lives for the main character. So, if you got hit by any enemy or an obstacle three times, your character will die. You then need to resume from the last checkpoint again.

Other than these, there are certain power-ups you can additionally buy for your character via in-game gold coins: health, speed, and jump strength.



There is now multiplayer mode available in Super Steve Adventure. This is a single-player solo game where players will enjoy singular gameplay on all levels.