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Super Simple Soccer

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: Softlitude

Super Simple Soccer is a fun and very simple web browser HTML5 soccer game where players get into action right away.


  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press “Z” to jump
  • Press “X” to sprint/tackle
  • Press “C” to initiate the shot

Game Description

Super Simple Soccer is a fun and very simple web browser HTML5 soccer game where players get into action right away. The game offers an exciting gameplay experience by adopting the classic NES (Nintendo) introduced block graphics which was quite techie in the 80s.

So, this simple soccer game makes it very easy for the players to learn and start playing soccer in no time. Unlike the traditional settings, there will be only two players fighting to grab the ball on the field and each having a goalkeeper of their own. There is no rush and hassle of having all 12 players on the field.

Just trying this exciting online HTML5 soccer game once will make you a fan – that is our promise! Therefore, let us not waste more time writing yada-yada about Super Simple Soccer, but let us hit the alphabets that are more useful for our eager fans and players waiting to play this game.


How to Play Super Simple Soccer


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are rewarded in this game in the form of goals. So, winning a match is what decides your overall in-game XP and unlocks rewards for you. Every match lasts for 90 seconds, and in these 90s seconds, you must not only pull off more goals than the opponent team but also need to be a good goalkeeper.

The matches are in the form of a tournament, which also ends quite quickly (within five rounds), and the last team standing is pronounced the winner.


Playing Environment

The game offers some quick options right on the main screen from where the players can get going in no time. For example, there is an option to pick a name for your team, a color; a sound mute option, and a settings option that guides the game’s controls (well, that is unlike most “settings” options).

Apart from this, Super Simple Soccer offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 854×480, on a landscape screen orientation as well. This online web browser soccer game is also available as an app on Android, so no worries for mobile gamers as well.



This is the hallmark quality of this game: Super Simple Soccer presents classical NES-style block graphics with sharp color patterns. Those who have played the earliest soccer games on PCs, such as Intel 386/486, and NES consoles will definitely recognize the pattern.

The graphical interface is 2D and the overall output is quite visual-friendly and appealing to the player’s eyes. Do not believe us? Try playing the game yourself!



There are minute customizations available that players can use. For example, players can choose from a lot of different colors for their players and can give names to their teams. Apart from these, there are no customizations available in this web browser casual sports game.


Weapons & Health

No weapons are available or involved in this game. Likewise, no health restrictions are involved, either.



There is no multiplayer mode available in this game as well. However, the player will face off against an AI-controlled team to fight for goals. Therefore, the players of this exciting web browser soccer game will find solace in this in-game team battle to make up for the lack of multiplayer features.