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Super Samurai

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Super Samurai is a web browser HTML5 arcade game where you will play as a samurai and kill the enemies that are coming towards you from all corners.


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move around
  • Tap on the on-screen controls on mobile

Game Description

Super Samurai is a web browser HTML5 arcade game where you will play as a samurai and kill the enemies that are coming towards you from all corners. The game is an exciting one since you will get a lot of power-ups during gameplay which will give you new attacking abilities.

The goal of this online arcade fighting game is to eliminate a certain number of enemies in each round to win and move on to the next stage. As you continue to win and reach new levels in-game, you will face different types of enemies as well as avail new kinds of power-ups to combat them.

Plus, the classic Atari-style 8-bit raster graphical interface will surely reignite some old memories, if you happen to have played an Atari console game. Therefore, let us dig into the details of Super Samurai and learn more about this fantastic web browser HTML5 arcade game.


How to Play Super Samurai


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To earn XP points, you need to eliminate enemies and win the round. In the end, based on your gameplay ability, you will earn diamonds that will be your XP points in this game.

So, as you continue to win and move onto new rounds, the gameplay level will also increase with greater difficulty and new abilities to attack.


Playing Environment

This web browser action game offers a top-down view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 600×800. The game is also playable on mobile devices so the portrait screen orientation of this io fighting arcade game is ideal for mobile players.

The game’s main menu offers a simple “Play” button to start the game right away and a tiny little “Shop” button, and by clicking it, you can go into the in-game characteristic attributes menu and increase your speed, strength, and health levels by spending the diamonds you have earned in-game.



The game displays a classic Atari-style 8-bit raster graphical interface, which was all the craziness in those days of the early and late 80s when Atari consoles were the prime gaming machines.

So, playing Super Samurai will surely reignite some of your old gaming memories from childhood. Anyways, the in-game elements are still designed eloquently and portray every detail within 8-bit details perfectly.

The game, keeping in line with the classic graphical format, has only basic color schemes suitable for the limited in-game elements.



There are no customizations available in this online action arcade fighting game.


Weapons & Health

Your samurai will start with its most trusted ally – a sword! However, as you continue to survive and collect power-ups in the game, you will get different types of weapons and attacking abilities. Some of these weapons and abilities are as follows:

And there is more to get as you continue to progress in the game. As for health, it is shown on the top left of the game screen, in the shape of a heart. By default, you will have 100% health but be vary of your enemy shots as your health rate can deplete rapidly when under attack by many enemies at once.

You can increase your depleting health by simply collecting power-ups in the gameplay and selecting a heart shape in it.



Super Samurai does not offer online multiplayer or two-player features at all. The player will be playing solo on all the levels in this web browser action arcade game. Therefore, do make the most out of this chance and find out if you can become the best samurai in the world!