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Super Megabot Adventure

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: CarGames.Com

Super Megabot Adventure is one of the best online io action shooter games where you play as a robot savior in a post-apocalyptic world to save civilians.


  • WASD to move around
  • Press “W” to jump and press twice to double jump
  • Press “Shift” to transform the megabot
  • Press “Q” to change weapon
  • Press “R” to reload weapon
  • Press “Spacebar” to use Skill 1
  • Press “C” to use Skill 2
  • Press “F” to use Skill 3

Game Description

Super Megabot Adventure is one of the best online io action shooter games where you play as a robot savior in a post-apocalyptic world to save civilians. In this post-apocalyptic game, there are several tasks and missions which the players can carry out to earn exciting in-game rewards. This is one hell of a web browser action arcade shooting game that you must try at all costs!

There are two game modes with different tasks in both of them for the players to accomplish. And the game also has a good range of customizations and various methods to earn coins and gems, the in-game currencies. And there is a special “Adventure” mode in this game as well which has some exciting real-time gun battle royale experience which would be a shame if you miss it.

So, let us get going and tell you more about this feature-some web browser adventure arcade survival game.


How to Play Super Megabot Adventure


Earning XP & Leveling Up

There is a combination of XPs, gold coins, and diamonds that the players have to earn while playing this game to unlock their full battling potential. The game is a mission and task-based io title, so earning XPs and in-game currency in each mission has different requirements.

For example, if the players are playing in the standard “Campaign” mode, they have the mission to kill alien robots and machines and escort civilians to safety portals. In some rounds, you will be escorting civilians and in some, you will be helping yourself alone to the teleporting device at the furthest end. Accomplishing these tasks will get you XPs, coins, and diamonds at the end of the round.

Along with the “Campaign” mode is the “Rescue” mode, which unlocks when you become a level-5 player. In the “Rescue” mode at level 5, you will be responsible for carrying out big missions which will involve saving a whole contingent of civilians and important machinery.

Apart from these two standard gameplay modes, there are two special gaming modes in Super Megabot Adventure. One is the “Survivor” mode and the other is the “Boss War.” Survivor mode is a one-time gig where your goal is to safeguard a civilian while a multitude of hordes of enemy machines are attacking from all sides. You will need to be the last one standing in this round, all the while keeping the civilian protected, to earn XPs and in-game currencies.

However, in the “Boss War,” you will be directly in a conflict with a stage boss and have to take him down before he gets the best of you. Eliminating the boss in this special gameplay mode is what will give you XP stars, gold coins, and diamonds.


Playing Environment

This online io action robot battle game has very intuitive and feature-some gameplay dynamics, and you should expect quite a few options here. For example, the game’s main screen seems very minimal with two options of “Start” and “Controls.”

However, once you click on “Start,” the real game interface unveils itself. The following screen will show buttons for both the standard gameplay modes, which were “Campaign,” and the “Rescue.” You’re in-game level progress is also visible right on the game’s menu screen, as well as a variety of options to earn in-game currencies, customizations for your weapons and powers; additional gaming modes, and ads-sponsored power-up options.

It is just not possible to describe each option in detail here about this humongous feature-some game, so we just gave you a head up above. Other than that, the game offers a third-person view on an in-game screen dimension of 899×500, in a landscape display.

The game is supported on both desktop and mobile browsers so the gamers on both sides of the technology can enjoy this web browser arcade shoot-Em-up game.



Super Megabot Adventure offers a high-quality 3D graphical interface with a smooth elemental design and highly furnished color patterns. The in-game color and graphics are also quite visual-friendly for the player’s eyes so you will enjoy the visual experience this web browser action arcade battle game provides.



Customizations are plenty to get in this online HTML5 arcade shooting game. Players can get new robots, upgrade their fighting skills, and get new weapons and power-ups as well. The players can get all the customizations and upgrades from the” Equip” option in-game.

Additionally, there is an ad-sponsored “Slots” menu from where players can get free power-ups by simply watching a sponsored advertisement.


Weapons & Health

Like customizations, weapons are also in plenty in this online robot battle game. Some of them are laser guns, bombers, AK-47s, fire guns, and hell lots of others. Players can get all the weapons they need from the “Equip” option, which also has lots of other upgrades and power-ups as we have mentioned above.



There is no multiplayer mode in Super Megabot Adventure – no online or offline! That is the only downfall of this exciting post-apocalyptic robot survival battle game. Had it been a two-player or online multiplayer game, the gameplay experience would have increased by three-fold.

But anyways, there is much more to enjoy solely on your own in this web browser solo action battle survival game. So, try the role of humanity’s sole savior in the form of a Megabot and journey on this thrilling action-filled survival adventure!