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Street Shadow Classic Fighter

Release date: May, 2023 Publisher: GamingStars

Street Shadow Classic Fighter is a web browser action arcade fighting game where you will enjoy first-hand combat with in-game enemies.


  • Use arrow/WASD keys to move around
  • Press “X” for kicks
  • Press “Z” for punches
  • Press Spacebar to jump
  • Press “C” for grabbing your opponent

Game Description

Street Shadow Classic Fighter is a web browser action arcade fighting game where you will enjoy first-hand combat with in-game enemies. You will have a lot of characters to choose from and several levels to beat the pulp out of different types of enemies.

The objective is simple here: Go out into the street and bring down your enemies in hand-to-hand combat. There will be police officers, fed agents, gangsters, and lots of other enemies waiting in the street for you to challenge them.

In this online arcade battle game, you will also earn in-game cash as you beat your enemies and wins the round. With that hard-earned cash, you can obtain different powerful upgrades to your health, punches, kicks, and other combat-essential things.

So, let us start the battle and see who the king of the street fight club is!


How to Play Street Shadow Classic Fighter


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The in-game cash serves as your XP in Street Shadow Classic Fighter. So, whenever you beat an enemy, they will lose their cash which you can collect to elevate your in-game earnings. This cash will be used to upgrade your combat skills to a better effect in-game.

Your in-game level will also increase as you continue to win and elevate to the next stages of the battle.


Playing Environment

This online web browser fighting game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 960×600. Additionally, this io fighter game offers quite a few options in its main menu.

Right from the main screen, the player can see a variety of combat-upgrade options which they can utilize to upgrade their in-game fighting skills (in-game cash required).

Plus, the players can even choose the difficulty level and the in-game characters to play with right from the game’s main screen. There is also an option to watch a sponsored video to freely earn some in-game cash before you battle it out in the streets.



This online arcade fighting game offers sharp and crispy 3D graphics with well-designed and detailed.

In-game elements. The color patterns are also diverse while being highly visual-friendly which sets up such a graphical interface that the player will surely enjoy.

Plus, the in-game view perspective will automatically zoom in and out whenever the battle angle requires such facilitation. And not only this but there are special graphical effects designed in the game as well. Whenever you hit an enemy or hit up a combo, there will be blow-exchanging bump effects.



Customizations are not available in this online arcade fighting game, as in individual attributes. However, you can select different fighters in-game who have their default customizations loaded with their characters.


Weapons & Health

There are no individual weapons available in this game. However, there are weapons available to collect during gameplay. These weapons are the ones that your enemies come with. So, whenever you take down any enemy with a weapon, you can collect theirs to enhance your attacking ability.

Also, the health bar is visible on the top-left side of the game screen. Keep an eye on that as you battle out with enemies.



There is no online multiplayer option available in Street Shadow Classic Fighter. However, the player will still enjoy a multiplayer sort of action because he/she will be battling two/three enemies in some stages at the same time.