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Street Mayhem – Beat Em Up

Release date: May, 2022 Publisher: RHM Interactive

Street Mayhem – Beat Em Up is a web browser action arcade fighting game where the player will take on hand-to-hand combat with enemies in several different locations.


  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move around
  • Press “F” to hit with fists
  • Press “G” to hit with kicks
  • Press “H” to block

Game Description

Street Mayhem – Beat Em Up is a web browser action arcade fighting game where the player will take on hand-to-hand combat with enemies in several different locations. There are two game modes here and both of them have some exciting action-packed combat scenarios.

So, you will be battling out to win! You need to smash all of the enemies in each level to progress to a new one. Each level consists of five stages in a single location, and once you win it, a new location with new levels will be unlocked for you.

And apart from all the action-filled fighting, there are three different characters to be unlocked in this online HTML5 fighting game, you know? Therefore, let’s head up and find out about the essentials of this exciting arcade battle game and learn how to win in this one!


How to Play Street Mayhem – Beat Em Up


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP’s are rewarded in the form of in-game cash, and the players can use this cash to unlock new characters and stages in the game. How to earn the XP? You need to fight and eliminate your enemies in hand-to-hand combat.

Each enemy offers a different level of XP points, so if you kill a stronger one, you earn more cash rewards than by beating a minor one.


Playing Environment

This game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 900×506. The game additionally has a landscape screen orientation which is great for wide-screen gameplay.

The main menu is also not a huge hassle. You can select either 2-player or a story mode right from the main screen of the game. And over there as well as the option to mute the in-game sounds as well – that’s all!



Street Mayhem – Beat Em Up offers high-quality 3D graphics with some sharp and edgy model designs. Additionally, the diverse color patterns add a whole new level of graphical superiority to this online action fighting game.

Plus, there are some beautiful special effects in this game as well such things breaking apart, burning fires, fighters exchanging blows, and some weaponry effects.

You’ll find the gameplay experience a smooth one since this is the hallmark quality of HTML5 web browser games that they provide high-quality graphical interfaces, consuming so few resources.



Unfortunately, there are no characteristics or any kind of customizations in Street Mayhem – Beat Em Up.


Weapons & Health

There you go – the real essence of this exciting web browser action arcade 3D fighting game! Players will find out some of the hidden weapons during gameplay such as knives, pistols, chains, and others.

You will find these weapons hidden inside boxes or burning dust bins, which you need to break apart with your kick or blows.

As for the health, it is shown at the top left of the screen. It is a specially-designed health bar that distorts whenever you receive a hit. Therefore, keep an open eye on the health bar while having your fights.



There is a two-player offline mode in this game, but no online PVP multiplayer feature. The player can either play with two players in the game or in a single-player story mode, simply.