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Release date: Feb, 2020 Publisher: Zytech AI

Swim around as an ocean predator in and stab your foes to mount them on your pike. Continue to add the heads of your enemies to your pike to evolve it and gain an advantage in this intense oceanic arena. Collect the fish and shrimp your fallen enemies leave behind to refill your boost meter!



  • Mouse – Control the movement of your fish by moving your mouse around
  • Left click – Boost (consumes energy)


  • Swipe – Control the direction of your fish
  • Hold Two Fingers – Boost (consumes energy)

How to Play

Gain points by collecting green energy orbs and eating the fish fillets and shrimp that are left behind when enemies get stabbed. Eliminate other fish by stabbing them with your pike. Once you fill your pike, your fish will evolve and your weapon will become longer. You can evolve your pike 3 times to reach its final stage and be the most powerful you can be.

Each time you die, you will be granted the option to gain an extra life. The time you spent alive, amount of kills you have, the weapon tier, and the score will all remain intact. You will only be granted this a maximum of once per game.

Fish Types (Classes)

There are much different fish you can play as and they will all provide you with different perks. You can unlock the different fish by accomplishing certain achievements in the game. There are 3 tiers of each fish type, again unlocked by completing certain tasks while playing as the respective fish type.

If you unlock the third tier of a fish type, you will have the opportunity to face the master challenges to unlock rare skins and get a ‘MASTER‘ badge that will be displayed in the Stabfish Hall of Fame.


There are 4 weapons that you can unlock in total:

  1. Tusk – easy
  2. Trident – normal
  3. Chill Blade – hard
  4. Chainsaw – very hard

To unlock the next tier of weapons, simply reach all stages of the previous weapon.

Random Events

While playing, every once in a while a random challenge will appear and may affect your fish. For example, your weapon size could get increased to double or in half. These only last about 10 seconds but be prepared for anything!


Unlock masks and hats to customize your fish to make it unique. These items are randomly dropped as you play the game and kill enemy fish. You will see them appear inside bubbles and you can pick them up by swimming over them.

Tips, Tricks & Strategies

  1. Upon stabbing an enemy, pick up the fish fillets quickly to replenish your boost. A quick succession of kills can snowball into many kills all while boosting which will catch your enemies off guard.
  2. Even as a fish with the lowest level weapon, you can easily take out much larger fish by outmaneuvering them.
  3. Keep an eye on the different challenges required to unlock higher-tier fish types. Find your goal and crush it!



Video Walkthrough: