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Speedy Paws

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: Harbi Games

Speedy Paws is a web browser arcade running game with a cute kitty as your protagonist whom you need to help reach the finish line.


  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move around
  • Press “Space” to jump

Game Description

Speedy Paws is a web browser arcade running game with a cute kitty as your protagonist whom you need to help reach the finish line. Along the way, there are tons of obstacles your kitty will encounter, with limited lives, and you need to safely drag her to the finish line before she dies.

There are several levels available in this challenging online io action running game. The goal in all of them is simple: reach the finish line without getting yourself killed by the obstacles. And, along the way are both cash rewards and gems for your sweet kitten to collect. These in-game collections will help you unlock customizations and power-ups for your character.

So, are you ready to help your cute little kitty to win this puzzling running game? Let us first find out about the game’s mechanics and how to play Speedy Paws on your desktop and mobile.


How to Play Speedy Paws


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP points are to be collected during gameplay in the form of gold cash coins. Players can use these coins to upgrade their health and unlock other abilities for their kitty. Also, the in-game level will increase in difficulty as you continue to win stages and goes onto new levels.


Playing Environment

Speedy Paws is a simple game to understand and play. Right from the main screen, players can either start the game right away by clicking on the play or clicking on the speaker icon to turn off in-game music.

Furthermore, this online arcade running survival game offers a top-down view perspective with an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. The game also has landscape screen orientation and is also available to play on mobile web browsers as well as on desktop browsers.



This web browser survival arcade running game offers a beautiful 3D graphical interface with bright and sharp colors. The elemental design in this game follows a sharp and edgy approach as well as a certain level of smoothness, too.

There are some special effects designed as well such as bumps whenever your kitty is hit by an obstacle. Overall, you will love the cuteness of both graphics and the gameplay of Speedy Paws – it is a promise!



There are no characteristic customizations available in this game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons or health restrictions involved in this web browser arcade running game.



Speedy Paws does not offer multiplayer features both offline and in online modes. This is a solo one-player game and players can continue to win single-handedly without any competition.