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Sling & Shoot

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: Realinspirer

Sling & Shoot is an HTML5 web browser casual archer game where you will be pelting stones on the archery target via slingshot โ€“ hence the name!


  • Hold left-click to move
  • Hold and release left-click to shoot

Game Description

Sling & Shoot is an HTML5 web browser casual archer game where you will be pelting stones on the archery target via slingshot โ€“ hence the name! There are challenging targets to shoot at in different rounds of this game so you will be involved mentally in the game.

Although hitting any point of the archery target will help you pass the round, your aim should always be the bull’s eye โ€“ the central red target. Hitting any part of the archery target will give you gold coins, but if you aim and hit the small red circle in the center, it is a bull’s eye and offers the highest bonus.

So, with the ancient and most formidable archery weapon in your hand, get ready to break down the tricky and challenging archery targets and earn gold coins/upgrades for your slingshot. But before doing so, let us take a moment to learn the basics of this online io archery arcade game.


How to Play Sling & Shoot


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Well, XP points are offered based on how well you take aim and shoot the archery target. For example, if you were able to hit the corners of the archery target, you would pass and earn gold coins still. But here is the catch: the gold coins will be less than what you can earn when you hit the center.

So, if you can be able to hit the center โ€“ a bull’s eye shot โ€“ you will earn higher gold coins. Plus, if the round has tricky obstacles and you still be able to shoot the center, you will earn more XPs for that shot.


Playing Environment

The game offers a few options for the players to consider. For example, there is an in-game shop option from where you can purchase upgraded slingshots and a sound on/off option. Apart from that, the play button is at your service to start the game right away.

This web browser hyper casual slingshot archer game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1920×1080. Furthermore, the game also has a landscape screen orientation with a wide in-game view.

The only drawback that Sling & Shoot currently has is that it is not yet supported on mobile devices, so the players can only play this HTML5 game on their desktop web browsers.



This online io arcade archery game offers a 3D graphical interface with a beautiful PNG-style color scheme. The in-game elements are also designed in smooth and sleek modules which further gives the overall graphics an added fervor.



Customizations are also available in Sling & Shoot. Players can upgrade their slingshot into a more formidable one, given they have enough gold coins to purchase an upgrade. The upgrade options are a stone slingshot, a camouflaged slingshot, and a spooky slingshot.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in this game since it is not a fighting or battle game. However, your slingshot is your only weapon to pelt stones and hit the bull’s eye on the archery target. You can upgrade your slingshot to various new models, as we have discussed above.

There is no health bar present in this online archer shooting game, but miss one shot you will, and either you must have to continue by spending certain gold coins or lose your progress and start from the beginning.



There is no multiplayer mode available in Sling & Shoot. So, the players will be able to play freely in all the levels of the game without worrying about any competition of any kind. Therefore, get your slingshot ready now and hit the butt with a bull’s eye shot!