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Slice it

Release date: Jan, 2023 Publisher: Voodoo

Slice it is an excitingly fun io puzzle arcade web browser game in which the player has to slice different puzzle challenges with a knife.


  • Tap/click to flip the knife

Game Description

Slice it is an excitingly fun io puzzle arcade web browser game in which the player has to slice different puzzle challenges with a knife. The player will come across different sets of things that they need to properly slice, from top to bottom. The player will be controlling a knife that will jump in the air only to come down fast on things to slice.

The game has lots of different rounds and challenges to conquer which will glue you to your seat for hours on end. Plus, Slice it is also available on iOS and Android as an app, so if you want to have a fun time with this exciting io puzzle arcade game while comfortably laying down in your bed – you have this freedom!


How to Play Slice it


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, simply click-jump your knife in the air and land it perfectly on things down below. The objective is to cut down items stationed below to earn points. To score maximum points, try to plan your fall accordingly so any item down below gets sliced from top to bottom entirely.

Furthermore, to increase your in-game level, you need to win each round successfully. Winning each round and progressing to the next one will increase the in-game level.


Playing Environment

This web browser arcade physics puzzle game offers a unique side-winding top-down view perspective. What this means is that the player will see all the action as a side-lined spectator, while being above the gameplay screen – the top-down view.

There are also no obstructions and distractions on the in-game screen. The player will be playing fully focused and enjoy a fully attentive gameplay experience.



Slice it offers smooth 3D graphical architecture, which is filled with beautiful and varied color patterns for each different type of element. So, calling it a colorful web browser game will not be an understatement.

The colors are sharp and crispy, as well as the in-game elements are designed quite smoothly and elegantly. Additionally, the graphics are eye-friendly so you will not strain your eyes even if you play for a longer duration.



There are simple customizations available such as selecting different kinds of knives and their striking color patterns. These customizations can be obtained via in-game cash which the player will win as they progress in the game.

Additionally, the player can also select different levels and difficulties right from the game’s main menu.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved here since the game does not belong to any fighting genre io title. There is also no health bar present in the game. However, the player must be careful about not falling to the ground below or on red-block traps. This will instantly eliminate them and they will lose the round.



This io web browser puzzle action game is a solo one-player game. The player will be battling computer-generated challenges to ace and win each round.