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Skibidi Toilet Rampage

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: DAPALAB

Skibidi Toilet Rampage is a fun and exciting web browser arcade fighting game in which you will demolish toilet monsters with your fury kicks.


  • WASD keys to move around
  • Press “Spacebar” to kick

Game Description

Skibidi Toilet Rampage is a fun and exciting web browser arcade fighting game in which you will demolish toilet monsters with your fury kicks. The action-packed fighting goes on a crisp and sharp 3D graphical interface with some frightening special effects (e. g. red-glowing eyes).

So, right from level one, players will be engaged in a battle of survival against the demonized toilet monsters who are ever ready to pounce on you. Your character in the game is a security-camera man who is eager to fight and eliminate these filthy toilet monsters.

Therefore, ready to kick some possessed-toilet butts and spill out their evil shit? Well, before you do so, let us take a brief lesson on how you need to do that with effectiveness.


How to Play Skibidi Toilet Rampage


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, you need to kick the butts of the monster toilets. When you have destroyed all the toilets in a round, you will progress to a new one. After every few stages, there will come a boss stage where you will not only have to kick the pesky little filths but the dirtiest and worst of them all.

With each new round, the in-game level will also increase, which will see your enemy getting higher in numbers and more powerful in their attack.


Playing Environment

This online io action monster battle game is very straightforward in its gameplay dynamics. On the game’s main screen, players can simply click on the “tap on play” option to get into the action right away.

Apart from this, there is only a settings option which is displayed on the top-right side of the game’s screen. The game offers a second-person view perspective – in general – but the view sometimes gets zoomed into the action and the players will experience a first-person view battle.

Plus, this web browser monster battle game is also available to play on mobile web browsers, so you can have all the arcade fun easily in the comfort of your bed.



Skibidi Toilet Rampage offers a 3D graphical interface with a sharp and crisp elemental design. The color schemes used are diverse and follow bright visual effects for the overall gameplay graphics. This means the graphical interface is highly responsive and retina-friendly for the players.



There are no customizations available for Skibidi Toilet Rampage.


Weapons & Health

Additionally, no weapons are available in this online HTML5 arcade fighting game. Players have to use the power kick to destroy rampaging monster toilets and break them into pieces. However, after every few rounds, the players are offered power-ups for a single demolition kick which can destroy a thread of toilets with a single kick.

There is also no health bar present in the game, and no lives are available. The player needs to save themselves from the toilet attacks since a single attack can kill you instantly.



There is no multiplayer mode available in this HTML5 action survival game, either. Skibidi Toilet Rampage is a solo single-player game where the players can play solely in all the levels the game has to offer.

So, the players should take this freedom to enjoy this action battle game to its fullest capability, without worrying about any kind of competition at any level.