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Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: hexapp

Sewage is an exciting adventure io game where you need to escape the dangerous sewage system to the upper city.


  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move
  • Press the “W” or up arrow key to jump

Game Description

Sewage is an exciting adventure io game where you need to escape the dangerous sewage system to the upper city. You are trapped in the underground sewage system which is filled with dangerous liquids, evil machines, and tricky paths which you need to safely cross to get out of the dangerous underground sewage.

So, as you may have guessed by now, you need to cross the dangerous paths in the sewage system and overcome the trickiest of obstacles on your way to get out to safety above. Achieving this goal will not be as easy as you think, and besides a 100% life, you will not have anything else to help you along the way.

If you think you are ready to leave the scourge of the underground evil Sewage system where you are trapped, just think twice before you try without knowing how! Let us help you learn the basics of this exciting web browser HTML5 adventure game right away.


How to Play Sewage


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Players can earn XP points in the form of gold coins in this game. They also serve as your in-game cash to upgrade certain abilities of your character. And as you continue to pass from one area of the sewage system to another, the growing difficulty and the in-game level will also increase.


Playing Environment

This game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×450. Additionally, it has landscape screen orientation which is great for full-screen gameplay.

Other than that, the game has some clear-cut options right on the main screen. You can click on “Play” to start the game, a “Shop” button to upgrade your skills, and an option to watch sponsored ads to increase your gold coins before playing the game.



This online io adventure arcade game has a classic retro-style pixelated graphical interface, something which reminds us of the old days classic Dangerous Dave. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that this game has a lot of graphical elements taken from the first ever Dangerous Dave game on PC.



There are no customizations available in this web browser action arcade adventure game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available to the players in this online parkour HTML5 adventure game. They can save themselves and get out of this tricky gutter system just by their skills in parkouring.

However, there is a health restriction on how much damage you can take in during your adventure in the gutter lines. The players will have a 100% heart rate, which is displayed on the top left of the screen, and in the shape of a heart as well.



There is no offline or online multiplayer feature in this web browser action-adventure parkour game. Also, it only has a solo one-player game mode in which any player will be playing a solo adventure in the city’s underground sewage to escape from it.