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Royal Siege

Release date: Apr, 2023 Publisher: Xenolia

Royale Siege is an online web browser battle game where you will need to defend your castle against the barbaric invading hordes.


  • Move your mouse to aim
  • Left-click to shoot

Game Description

Royale Siege is an online web browser battle game where you will need to defend your castle against the barbaric invading hordes. There will be tons of enemies invading our territory and hoping to conquer your area with a variety of battle tactics. However, you will also have a variety of weapons at your disposal to eliminate the invaders.

So, as you have guessed by now, you will need to shoot down incoming hordes of invaders into your territory by using different kinds of weapons. And you will not only have weapons at your disposal, but a variety of power-ups to add the extra flare.

Plus, the player can also unlock power-up cards from the in-game card shop to gain a huge power boost for his/her weapons. So, are you ready to defend your territory against evil and barbaric invaders? Let us see if you have what it takes to defend in Royal Siege!


How to Play Royal Siege


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP score in this online web browser action arcade game is in gold coin form, which you will get by killing your enemies. There are different types of enemies in this game as well, and depending on their worth, the amount of XP coins you earn will also differ.

Plus, you will also get an additional score if you play well and defend your territory without getting a single hit by the enemy. The player’s in-game level will also increase as he/she continues to win more and more stages.


Playing Environment

The game offers a first-person view on an in-game screen dimension of 922×487. The screen orientation is in landscape mode and the game is also available as an app on both iOS and Android phones. That is good since mobile gamers can play this game on their mobile devices as a dedicated app, and does need web browser gameplay.

This online action arcade battle game’s main menu also offers wide choices, such as a card shop, sponsored power-booster option, and a settings menu from where you can turn off/on sound and in-game music.



This HTML5 web arcade game offers sharp and crisp 3D graphical architecture with a diverse range of color schemes in-game. The graphics are charged up in this 3D battle royale online game and may require a few of your device’s resources.

It is best if you playing on a desktop that you should have a dedicated graphics adapter.



Customizations are not available in the form of characteristic attributes. However, the player can upgrade their weapons and castle defenses, as a whole package.

There can be found some attire upgrades for your weapons and the color of your castle.


Weapons & Health

There are four weapons available in Royal Siege that the player can use: Crossbow, Catapult, Cannon, and Minigun. Two of these weapons (Catapult, Crossbow) are available by default. However, other weapons had to be unlocked via winning stages and attaining certain gameplay levels.

Plus, the power-ups will increase the power of your weapons double-fold. As for health, keep a watch on the bar of death in the center of the game screen; it indicated the holding power of your castle.



There is no multiplayer mode in Royal Siege. The player will be playing solo on all the levels this exciting online warfare game has to offer.