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Rocket Bot Royale

Release date: Mar, 2022 Publisher: Winterpixel Games

Rocket Bot Royale is a 2D tank-battle game that is one hell of a blasting experience for everyone. The Player had to compete with 32 other players online and blast all of them to become a “Blast One Standing.”


  • A/left arrow key – move left
  • D/right arrow key – move right
  • Move mouse – aim
  • Left-click – shoot

Rocket Bot Royale is a 2D tank-battle game that is one hell of a blasting experience for everyone. The Player had to compete with 32 other players online and blast all of them to become a “Blast One Standing.”

Avoid being blasted yourself by driving around in a gravity-defying universe. Blast around on an island where the water is rising, tricky mines are hidden, enemy tanks are lurking, and other hazards are always present to bring you down. Collect coins and blast others to become the last standing tank!


How to Play Rocket Bot Royale:

Earning XP:

Rocket Bot Royale has simple gameplay mechanics. Each player must play a match of 5 minutes or less. During this brief time, you and 32 other players will be constantly falling to the same side where there are several destructible random chunks will come along the way.

The player must be quick and precise to win a stage, as constant bombardment will keep on replenishing the tank’s resources. The tank can drive on any surface – except water – and can even run upside down.

The Player must bombard other players while making flawless jumps from one chunk of land to another over water down under. The player needs to shoot underground to propel his/her tank to jump in the air. Kill all, avoid obstacles, increase your coins, and become the last standing tank to win the round.


Playing Environment:

There are titbits of land chunks in every area of the game. They are the small islands on which players had to drive constantly and precisely. The island is constantly sinking towards the water below so the player must keep the tank above the waterline, all the while being bombarded, bombarding, and avoiding obstacles.

The small islands are destructible, and so are the terrains as well. Players must keep themselves aware of these dangers while staying afloat during the entire match.



Rocket Bot Royale sports crispy and sharp graphics with a visually-appealing color profile. The entire structure is based on 2D dynamics, which makes the gameplay easier. The blasts and destructive graphics are also well-planned out in Rocket Bot Royale. It will be a delightful experience for the player’s eyes.


Weapons & Health:

There are a variety of weapons available in Rocket Bot Royale, which a player can obtain after completing goals in each round. By default, a basic cannon is attached to the player’s tank from which they can shoot other tanks or use it to propel themselves for a jump or out of harm’s way.

Rocket Bot Royale is designed in such a way as to reward a player heavily for a good gaming skill. Players can get extra weaponry by jumping on rewards placed on islands or by catching the worm-like air-dropped parcels from above.

Some major weapon upgrades are cluster missiles, homing missiles, a safety shield, and even a nuke. Players can even spend coins and rewards to get some more specialized weapons. However, the game is still in beta mode and the publisher is planning to bring more weaponry to the game.

The player’s health can be increased by getting first-aid kits dropped from the above anonymously.



Customization options are plenty for tanks in Rocket Bot Royale. The player can do paint jobs, gliders, trails, and put badges on their tanks. As the player progresses and completes goals, they can also unlock various customization utilities in the game.


Multiplayer Mode – 35 Players Live-Action:

Rocket Bot Royale brings one of the massive multiplayer schemes in the small 2D game arena: up to 35 players battle royal for the one last standing tank! At the start of the game, all the players are dropped from above via parachute and end up in their respective machines. Rocket Bot Royale makes up for one destructive mayhem in its multiplayer mode.



Here are some of the great features offered by Rocket Bot Royale:

Tips & Tricks to win Rocket Boy Royale:

Here are some of the best strategies that can help a player win at each round of Rocket Bot Royale:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to play Rocket Bot Royale?

Yes! The game is free to play in its entirety. However, there are in-app purchases for rapidly obtaining perks and strong defense.

What is the finest weapon in Rocket Bot Royale?

The best weapons are cluster missiles and nukes. Cluster missiles can be picked from dropped rewards, but a nuke must be earned after completing goals.

Is Rocket Bot Royale available on all devices?

Rocket Bot Royale is available on iOS, Android, web browsers, and Steam.


Video Walkthrough: