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Robot Evolution

Release date: Mar, 2023 Publisher: Eugen Chepurniy

Robot Evolution is an exciting web browser arcade evolution game where you will play as a savior against the hordes of AI-controlled robots gone rogue.


  • Use AWSD to move around
  • Left-click on the on-screen wrench button to use the weapon

Game Description

Robot Evolution is an exciting web browser arcade evolution game where you will play as a savior against the hordes of AI-controlled robots gone rogue. Seems familiar to the current times of unchecked AI technology growth, right? Well, in this retro-style arcade robot game, you can experience the AI-incurred doomsday scenario.

The goal of this game is to track down and destroy 12 AI-controlled generators that are powering robots that went insane. To do this, there are multiple stages in the game each one with different sets of challenges of its own. You will just love the dynamics and the challenging style as well as the retro-style “90s” graphics.

Let us learn how you can play Robot Evolution and several different features of this web browser arcade robot game.


How to Play Robot Evolution


Earning XP & Leveling Up

You will score XP points by collecting gear from the boxes that can be found scattered throughout the area. Additionally, you will gain power-ups by killing the rogue robots you will find on your way to hunt down AI generators.

Your gameplay level will also increase as you win and move on to the new stages. As you will progress further, the stages will become difficult, and new nemesis will hinder your path to the generators.


Playing Environment

The game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1020×540. Additionally, the screen orientation is in portrait mode, which is ideal for mobile gamers. Plus, Robot Evolution introduces rare on-screen controls, just like you see on the mobile version.

The game’s main menu is simple in that it offers a play button and a sound on/off button, and you are good to go.



This online robot arcade game offers some neat retro-style 2D graphics which was the norm of the old MS-Dos games. So, get ready to bring some tears to your eyes when you play this io game and remember the ones which you used to play back as a kid.

The color diversity is also good with bright and shiny effects. The color patterns are retina-friendly and will not stress your eyes, too.



There are no customizations available in Robot Evolution.


Weapons & Health

Your character in this online arcade survival game will have a wrench as a weapon to beat down enemy bots and destroy AI generators as well. Other than that, you will collect gear scattered throughout the in-game platform to power up your wrench.

Health is displayed on the top left side of the in-game screen. And it is beautifully shown in a chemical jar with red liquid in it, indicating your bot’s health. Keep an eye on it as it will deplete when you take damage.



Unfortunately, this online robot arcade game only offers one-player solo mode. You can neither play online with multiple players nor with a second player as well. But even if it is a solo io game title, you will have lots of puzzling challenges to overcome which will not let you miss the need for multiplayer. Try it out and you will know!