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Robot Butcher

Release date: Mar, 2023 Publisher: Catom Games

Robot Butcher is a web browser action battle adventure game where you play as a robot and defend your human colony against the attack of evil bots.


  • WASD to Move and Jump Mouse to Shoot and Aim

Game Description

Robot Butcher is a web browser action battle adventure game where you play as a robot and defend your human colony against the attack of evil bots. Having one of the finest 3D graphics and tons of options, this web browser robot battle game is a treat to play in the web browser gaming genre.

So, your mission is to eliminate the incoming evil bots who are threatening to take over your colony. You will be playing as a robot yourself; hence the name Robot Butcher. There are power-ups to collect during the gameplay and an in-game shop as well from where you can buy further upgrades and new robots as well.

Let us start playing Robot Butcher right away and enjoy a fantastic battle royale experience!


How to Play Robot Butcher


Earning XP & Leveling Up

You will earn XP points by shooting down the invading bots. Every round in this online robot warfare game has a requirement to kill a certain number of invading robots to win and move on to the next one.

During the gameplay, you will be helped by the occasional power-ups which will pop up anywhere on the platform for you to collect.

Your level will increase once you win the round and move on to the next one, and with it, some new upgrades will also open for you to collect.


Playing Environment

Robot Butcher offers a third-person view on an in-game dimension of 950×540, which is a good screen resolution for playing in full-screen mode. This web browser survival action game is also mobile-ready and supports the landscape view mode on a mobile web browser.

The game’s main menu also has a lot to offer. You can check out the control guide, turn audio/music on and off, and visit the in-game shop to get new robots and upgrades.



Robot Butcher offers some neat and realistic 3D graphics with realism in color patterns as well. The graphics are developed with such high-quality design that you will feel as if you are in a real sci-fi movie, battling out the hordes of evil bot invasion.

Despite such resourceful rendering, this online robot arcade game doesn’t lag and runs quite smoothly even on low-end devices (that’s what io games are all about, right?).  Also, the graphics and color patterns are visual-friendly and do not strain the player’s eyes.



There is customization available, such as increasing your robot’s health, from the in-game shop. All you need to do is simply go into the shop, click on your robot, and lo behold – the robot’s health will increase!

However, be careful when upgrading your robot’s health because, with each new click, the in-game cost of increasing health will also double up. Make sure you don’t lose all your hard-earned in-game cash in one go!


Weapons & Health

There are a variety of weapons available as a power-up during the gameplay, besides having a basic automatic bullet shooter fitted into your bot. To name a few, there is a triple-bullet, laser shooting, and bomb-deploying power-ups to collect.

As for the health, you can look it up on the far-left top side of the in-game screen. It is known as “HP” in this game, and along these letters will be your health score.



Robot Butcher being a top-class web browser robot battle game doesn’t offer a multiplayer mode. This is truly a shame or else this game would become more exciting, fun, and challenging to play. Nevertheless, this online action arcade robot game still offers enough fun and excitement since there will be tons of hordes of enemy bots for you to kill,  eventually gluing you to your seat for hours on end.