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Revolution OffRoad

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher: RHM Interactive

Here comes one of the best and most revolutionary web browser car racing games you can ever play – Revolution Offroad.



“W, A, S, D” or “ARROW KEYS”


Press “R” key

Camera switch:

Press “C” key

Game Description

Here comes one of the best and most revolutionary web browser car racing games you can ever play – Revolution Offroad. Despite being in a tiny io game genre, Revolution Offroad is no less than an actual PC car game.

A top-notch 3D graphics, a variety of customization options, a garage of your own, and some challenging in-game offroad tracks, you will not miss a thing in this io car racing game which is found on your PC car game.

Plus, the in-game screen has some similar elements to that of the famous GTA game series, like the old beloved round 2D map with legends on it. So, let us not wait more, learn how you can play Revolution Offroad, and let us get going then!


How to Play Revolution Offroad


Earning XP & Leveling Up

So, your XP score in Revolution Offroad is termed by how much you earn in-game cash by progressing further on different types of offroad circuits the game has to offer. And there is a plus over here as well – the player can play three different modes such as career, timed race, and free mode.

And before starting your match, you can even change the weather, part of the day (night/day), and gear transmission mechanics.

While driving along very difficult tracks, the player will be collecting different types of power-ups, such as free fuel tanks and or free vehicle upgrades.

And moving ahead, the player’s level of the vehicle can be upgraded as well by winning races, earning cash, and spending it on buying new vehicles/upgrades.


Playing Environment

This io vehicle offroad racing game offers an open-world view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1920×1080. Woah! That is cool since you can play this game on the ultimate 1080p high-resolution (owing you have dedicated graphics installed).

Additionally, the main menu offers much variety to the player: You can test your vehicle, change/upgrade vehicle parts, check into your garage, and change basic in-game settings such as sound on/off; language, and signing up.



As we have already broken the good news, Revolution Offroad is a graphically-pumped online offroad racing game. The interface has a 3D architecture as well as some GTA-style in-game color patterns.

While the entire graphical quality is great, there is one minor downfall: This offroad online racing game might get difficult to play on low-end systems.



Tons of customizations in this web browser car offroad racing game! There is a dedicated garage of your own where you can find all the customizations a vehicle needs. And not only that but there are new vehicles to buy from the garage as well, given that you have enough in-game cash to spend.


Weapons & Health

No weapons or battle is involved in Revolution Offroad! This is a one-player offroad racing web game where you will be the sole driver on the most difficult of terrains.

Additionally, the player only has to worry about one thing when it comes to being destroyed: Do not let your vehicle fall upside-down. This will destroy your jeep in mere seconds and you will have to restart the game again.



Unfortunately, as exciting and option-filled as this online vehicle Offroad game is, there is no multiplayer mode in it as of now. The player will be driving several types of vehicles by themselves on a variety of offroad courses, filled with prizes and challenges.

So, buckle up your seatbelt, pick up your van, and take off on this exhilarating Offroad online game.