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Rainbow Tsunami

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher:

Rainbow Tsunami is one colorful and exciting io action arcade online game where you must need to face off several obstacles to accomplish your goal.


  • Use left-click on mouse to jump
  • Tap on your mobile screen to jump

Game Description

Rainbow Tsunami is one colorful and exciting io action arcade online game where you must need to face off several obstacles to accomplish your goal. As the name suggests, there is a tsunami after you – which is also the biggest obstacle – from which you must keep yourself safe.

So, the objective of this online web browser action arcade game is to save your trapped friends, avoid dangerous obstacles, and lead them to ultimate safety by reaching your friendly base. During this endeavor, you will face a lot of foes and obstacles (sometimes multiple) from which you must keep yourself and your friends safe.

Honestly, you will not find a single second in this game dull because it is filled with extensive action and maneuvering. So, let us find out more about the thrilling Rainbow Tsunami web browser game.


How to Play Rainbow Tsunami


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, you need to collect the gold coins in the game. The more coins you collect, the higher your XP score will be. Additionally, you must also save as many friends as you can during the gameplay – they also add up to your overall score in-game.

As you continue to cross obstacles and run successfully to the end, your level will also increase in the game. But be careful! With increased level comes increased obstacles and dangers as well.


Playing Environment

This web browser action-adventure game offers a third-person view on a screen dimension of 800×600. This means the game’s view perspective will be landscape and is ideal for full-screen gameplay.

Additionally, the game does not offer several options to distract you from the gameplay: There is a simple sound on/off and home-return option, respectively.

However, there are counters in the gameplay where the player can see their gold earnings, keys they have collected, and life count.

And oh, there are special power-ups to get occasionally as well during the gameplay whenever the player collects a shining big star on the runway.



Rainbow Tsunami offers exquisite high-quality 2D graphics with diversified color schemes present in the elemental architecture of the game. The reason why we stress so much on “colorful” about this particular game is that – it is hugely colorful.

And that will take your gameplay experience almost to another level. The great thing about the color depth in this game is that they not only provide diversity but are completely visual-friendly as well.

So, when playing Rainbow Tsunami, you can count on our guarantee of the best color patterns and graphical interface.



There are customizations available in this io web arcade adventure game. For example, there are some power-ups to get and a few hats that the player can avail of from the in-game shop.

However, you must have a certain amount of gold coins to purchase these customizations from the integrated in-game store.


Weapons & Health

There is no direct weapon use is involved in this action-adventure running game. However, there are certain in-game power-ups that the player can get freely by collecting stars scattered throughout the gameplay on different occasions.

Also, there is no health bar present as well. The only thing the player must avoid is either falling in the ditches or getting hit by obstacles.



This web browser action arcade game does not have a multiplayer mode. The player will be playing solo against a multitude of challenging obstacles and foes.