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Pool 8 Ball

Release date: Sep, 2020 Publisher: ISS Game Studio

The famous 3D pool game on your mobile device has finally arrived on your desktop: Play Pool 8 Ball web browser 3D snooker game on your desktop now.


  • Use left-click to select and play

Game Description

The famous 3D pool game on your mobile device has finally arrived on your desktop: Play Pool 8 Ball web browser 3D snooker game on your desktop now. Like its famous counterpart on mobile phones, this online HTML5 sports game also offers single and two-player game modes here on the desktop web browser.

But unlike on mobile platforms, you do not need to install it on your desktop systems – just click “play” on your web browsers and there you go! So, there are two game modes that snooker fans can play in this web browser 8 ball 3D pool game: A timed single-player and two-player vs mode.

And not only that but this online 3D snooker game also has diverse color patterns and quite a smooth graphical interface, which will surely make the entire pool-playing experience a whole lot better for the fans of this sports game.

Therefore, let us dive right into this exciting Pool 8 Ball snooker game and learn how we can play and win in this online io billiard game!


How to Play Pool 8 Ball


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP points are offered based on the type of gameplay you choose to play. There are two game modes as well, both of which have different scoring methods. So, if the player plays in the “Player vs Timer” mode, the player must put all the balls in the holes within 30 minutes, apart from putting the 8-ball as the final pocket on the board.

The basic rules are primarily the same in the second “Player vs Player” mode in this snooker game. However, the only difference is that each player will be putting their assigned balls in pockets. Player 1 has balls without strips while Player 2 has balls with strips. Again, the 8-ball must be the last one to be scored.


Playing Environment

This online 3D 8-ball snooker game offers a direct-to-play approach without having too many distractions in the form of menus. On the game’s main screen, the players can see both the game mode options; sound and music on/off, full-screen, and quit options, respectively.

Additionally, the game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 1920×1080, on a landscape screen orientation with wide-view resolution. The game is also supported on mobile phones as well, so this is great news for those gamers who like the comfort of playing games on smartphones.



Pool 8 Ball offers a techy-style 3D graphical interface with a sharp and edgy elemental design. The color scheme used in the game also portrays a sci-fi type of feel and the colors are aligned usually with the interfaces found in snooker games.



There are no customizations available in this web browser 3D pool game yet.


Weapons & Health

No weapons or health restrictions are in place in this game as well.



Pool 8 Ball offers a single-player and a two-player gaming mode. Other than that, there is no online multiplayer mode available in this online 3D pool game.