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Release date: Apr, 2016 Publisher: Profusion Studios

Wings io is a multiplayer airplane fighter game that takes the player to dominate the airspace.


  • Use your mouse to control your plane and its aim
  • Press space bar to shoot

Game Description:

Wings io is a multiplayer airplane fighter game that takes the player to dominate the airspace. In this free io web browser airplane fighter game, the goal is to take down other planes in the sky while keeping yourself safe from any strike.

Plus, there are tons of power-ups scattered here and there in the airspace for the player to collect and get special weapons and abilities. All in all, this is one hell of an airspace domination web browser game that fans of air battle royale games will love!


How to Play Wings io: Gameplay, Graphics, Customization, Weapons, & Features


Earning XP -:

The way to score XP points in this game is simple enough: choose your nick, your plane’s color, and decal, and then jump right in the sky to take down other planes.

Each plane you destroy will increase your XP. So, the more kills you get the more increased your XP levels are. However, there is destructive mayhem going on in the airspace so you must be fast with your movements on the spot.

The player can play with friends in a private game as well by sharing the “Copy Room Link” from the game’s main page.

Playing Environment -:

Wings io offers a third-person view perspective with fast physics due to which the players will have to be quick in their movements. Take aim properly and be quick and perfect with your hits, otherwise, you will lose.

The in-game screen also shows the logged-in players, basic settings menu, and a leaderboard showing the players leading the round.

Graphics -:

The game offers a simple 3D GUI with visually-appealing color patterns which will appeal to the player’s eyes. The in-game elements are designed smoothly yet with sharp edges with so appealing color patterns which will bring a soothing effect to the player’s eyes.

Customization -:

There are cosmetics available such as choosing the plane’s color and decal right from the start of the game. The player can choose from 6 different colors and plane decals available on the main page of the game.

Other cosmetic upgrades will come along the way as the player progresses in the game.

Weapons & Health

Weapons are plenty and scattered all along the sky for the players to collect. In this airplane fighter io game, the player can collect such weapons as missiles, bombers, laser shooters, fire shooters, and many others.

Health is a serious issue in this free io airplane battle game online as one direct hit will obliterate your plane instantly. Therefore, make sure you are always safe from the onslaughts of other airplanes in the battle-riddled sky.



Here is some more info about some of the cool features Wings io has to offer: