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Release date: Nov, 2020 Publisher: Night Steed S.C.

WarCall io is a fantasy battle royale io game that is filled with extensive multiplayer battle royale adventures.


  • Click the left mouse button to attack (hold to charge)
  • Click the right mouse button to use the special attack

Game Description:

WarCall io is a fantasy battle royale io game that is filled with extensive multiplayer battle royale adventures. The player will be joining an arena where everyone is involved in using an array of weaponry against each other, and there can be only one last-standing warrior among all of them!

In this fiercely competitive multiplayer battle royale io game, the player will be choosing one out of ten different characters in the game, with each offering kind of battle skills. The main goal of the game is to fight other players to get their gold and upgrades before the map area gradually vanishes away.

There are tons of exciting battle rounds to explore in this free web browser battle royale io game – so let us get going now!


How to Play Gameplay, Graphics, Weapons, Customization, Features & Tips


Earning XP -:

Despite being an extensive multiplayer battle game, the goal is very simple to win. The player needs to simply collect gold and chests scattered on the map area while avoiding strikes from other players.

Also, the player needs to kill as many opponents as they can. The last player standing with the most kills and collected gold wins the round. The developers made WarCall io so straightforward that there is no hassle of different gaming modes – simply join and obliterate others to win.

Playing Environment -:

The game offers a third-person, or top-down, view perspective for the player. The in-game screen shows a radar for the map area to see incoming attacks or pathways as well as show the player’s weapon vault bar.

The screen smoothly moves in all directions and even zoom out when too many players are congested in one location on the map. This is a unique view perspective that is not found in many io battle royale web browser games.

Graphics -:

Graphics in this free web browser battle royale game is of top quality. The game has 3D GUI with all the in-game elements designed sleek and smoothly.

The color patterns used are quite colorful as well, putting less strain on the player’s eyes and providing a fully immersive experience. The game will run in a full-screen environment, bringing more excitement to the overall gaming experience.

Customization -:

There are plenty of customizations available in this free fantasy battle royale io game, but all of them can be collected either via gold/chests or by leveling up the XP score.

Some of the common customizations and power-ups can be obtained from collecting gold coins and chest boxes scattered in the map area.

The upgrades will power up your weapons, defenses, character attire, and special abilities. As the player’s level increases, some special customizations will be unlocked.

Weapons & Health -:

The weapons in WarCall io are all locked and will become unlockable as the player’s level increases. However, from the start, the player will have an ax along with them (like everyone else) and a special power ability that is refilled in a few seconds after every use.

To obtain more powerful attack abilities, the player must wisely collect as many golds and chests as possible (some chests have special powers).

The player’s health bar shows right by the player’s side whenever someone hits them. Do notice its efficiency as too many hits will kill your player.



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