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War in

Release date: May, 2015 Publisher: Odessa Ltd.

War in Space io is a web browser space battle royale game in which the player controls a spaceship to fly around and destroy all other spaceships to win.


  • Left mouse button or A to shoot
  • Right mouse button or S to use a skill
  • QWER to upgrade

Game Description:

War in Space io is a web browser space battle royale game in which the player controls a spaceship to fly around and destroy all other spaceships to win. This space warfare io game is inspired by such famous io web browser titles as and

Therefore, the player will be destroying other spaceships and collecting power-ups scattered in space by using what is known as slither-flying, just like in the slithering io games.

There are lots of features and exciting gameplay to enjoy in this space battle royale io game. So, let’s head on and learn how you can play War in Space io on your web browser.


How to Play War in Space io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customizations, Weapons, & Features


Earning XP -:

To score XP points in War in Space io, the player simply needs to choose a team at the start – either blue or red – and hit the enemy team’s spaceships. With each kill, the player will get XP points.

However, to win each round, end up shooting the most enemy ships in this intense space warfare and you will be the topmost player on the leaderboard.

The end goal of this game is to help your team win, simply. Additionally, the player should collect the scattered power-ups everywhere in the space area to score additional points, and to increase the attack strength.

Playing Environment -:

This web browser space warfare game offers a top-down view, a third-person shooting physics. The player can view large scope of the space area to comfortably track down enemy planes.

Additionally, the in-game screen is also intuitive: The in-game screen shows both teams’ scores at the top, a leaderboard, a weapons vault, and the player’s score bar.

The player can take their spaceship in any direction, but only within the defined lines within the space.

Graphics -:

The game offers a high-quality and techy 2D graphical interface, just the perfect blend for a space warfare game.

The color dynamics are also promptly designed and properly distinguishes between the planes of both teams.

With a black background showing a massive universe glittered with small dots of stars, the player will have little to no obstruction in the gameplay.

Customization -:

In terms of customization, War in Space io offers its players a chance to choose any among the 20 different space maps they have in-game. Players can choose any right from the start.

Among other customizations, especially regarding spaceships, the player will get spaceship upgrades as they progress in-game and their XP levels increase.

Weapons & Health -:

In this io space battle royale MMO game, the player’s spaceship is already equipped with four different weapons. These are defense shields, laser beams, bazookas, and air bombs.

However, as the player progresses further, there are some weapons upgrades to be unlocked as well. The health bar is also shown right above the spaceship. The player should pay heed to that as the health bar decreases quickly upon intense attack.



Here are some top features of War in Space io at a glance:


Video Walkthrough: