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Release date: Oct, 2017 Publisher: Trebuchet Entertainment LLC

War brokers io is a free online FPS multiplayer first-person shooting game that is jam-packed with a variety of battle modes and features.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move or drive
  • Left-click to shoot
  • R to reload
  • Space bar to jump
  • M to access menu
  • Tab to open leaderboard

Game Description:

War brokers io is a free online FPS multiplayer first-person shooting game that is jam-packed with a variety of battle modes and features. The goal here is to work along with your team in four different game modes and get them to win by using a variety of weapons at the player’s disposal.

This free web browser first-person shooter has all that an action shooting game lover will enjoy. Let us find out more about this extremely intensive FPS shooting game.


How to Play War brokers io: Gameplay, Graphics, Customizations, Weapons & Features


Earning XP -:

The player will earn XP points by making as many kills as possible, and by collecting gems left by those kills. In all four multiplayer battle modes in this free io FPS first-person shooter game, the player will earn XP scores by making the most kills.

The four game modes are classic 8v8, battle royale, survival, and speed 4v4. In each of these four game modes, there are several map areas with different elements, graphics, and missions involved. But the method of earning XP score is the same in all of them.

Playing Environment -:

Now that is where this massive multiplayer battle royale io game shows its brilliance and difference from most other io first-person shooter titles: War broker io offers first-person and enemy zoom view perspectives.

Plus, there are several maps in the game which involve both military missions and team-up gameplays. The in-game screen shows a variety of intuitive legends including weapons vault, logged-in players, map of the round, ammo, and health meters.

The player will not be left on his/her own when playing, they will be guided by all these legends in the game.

Graphics -:

Graphics of War brokers io is another aspect to be proud of this first-person shooter FPS io game. The player will enjoy both Minecraft-style maps, as well as modern 3D map areas with sleek and smooth graphics.

In this massively battle and action shooting io game, the player has to opportunity to even enjoy some rounds where the map area will be based on 2D elements.

Few io first-person shooting games offer such variety in both gaming mods and graphics.

Customization -:

When it comes to customization; again, this free io fps web browser shooter game offers huge diversity. The eager and passionate players can find cosmetics both for their character as well as their weapons.

Some of the widely available customization options in War brokers io are as follows:


Outfits -:


In-game Items -:


Furthermore, there are cosmetics for heads, guns, emblems, character skins, and some platform-exclusive customizations.

Weapons & Health -:

Again, weapons are in huge quantity as well in War brokers io. The player will be able to obtain or select a wide variety of weapons such as:



And there are other weapons as well that fall under the category of misc. weapons in the game. The player will have the ability to take down the most stubborn of enemies with this range of weapons in this first-person io fps shooter game.

The health must be guarded wisely since a couple of shots from the enemy may kill the player, and a respawn time will follow.



Here are some of the cool features of War brokers io briefly described:


Video Walkthrough: