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Release date: Sep, 2020 Publisher:

Voxiom io is a free io web browser voxel shooting game that is inspired by such games as Minecraft and Play it freely on!


  • W – walk forward
  • S – walk backward
  • A – walk left
  • D – walk right
  • Space bar – jump
  • X – open inventory (use the mouse left click and right click to swap items)
  • Hold C – crouch
  • Hold Shift – sprint
  • Hold Tab – view map
  • Left Mouse Button – primary action on item: shoot / use item / consume Item
  • Right Mouse Button or F – secondary action on item: aim/switch block placement mode

Game Description:

Voxiom io is a free io web browser voxel shooting game that is inspired by such games as Minecraft and In this io web browser first-person voxel shooter, the player needs to build defenses, craft items, and shoot other players – strategically – to win.

Voxiom io is also a multiplayer PVP game, which means the battle will be with real players from around the world. Try out your shooting, building, and crafting skills in this real-time 3D Minecraft-style shooting game and see if you can beat the heat!


How to Play Gameplay, Graphics, Customization, Weapons, & Features

Earning XP -:

Voxiom io offers three different gaming modes – in the beginning: Battle Royale, Free for All, and Capture the Gems. Each of these gaming modes has different ways to earn XP points. Let us point them out for you here!

Capture the Gems – In “Capture the Gem” mode, the player joins a team and the aim is to find all the sapphire gems in the map area, as well as shoot enemy team players to get his/her team’s score to 100. The team that scores 100 XP points first wins the round.

Free for All – In “Free for All” mode, the player will be on his own against other online players. To win this round, the player must make the most kills and build/craft things to get the highest XP score on the map.

Battle Royale – As the name suggests itself, the player will be dropped anywhere on the map against a heap of other players. The way to earn XP and win this round is to seek as many supplies as possible and be the last man standing to win.

Here is another surprise: There are two more game modes in this free io voxel first-person shooting game that are known as “Survival” and “Custom Game.” However, these two game modes are locked initially; the survival mode will be unlocked when the player reaches level 5 rating and the custom game on level 60.

Playing Environment -:

Voxiom io offers a first-person view with smooth and quick on-screen physics. The player will be able to explore and mine on a huge map area – depending on the game mode.

The on-screen will show the player’s weapon vault on the bottom right side, the timer on the top of the screen, and the player’s XP scores underneath it; the logged-in players on the left-bottom side, map explore camera on the top-left side and the player’s health bar on the bottom left-side – underneath the logged player’s list.

Since this free io web browser first-person shooter is an open-world Minecraft, there will be a possibility of attack from anywhere as well as things to mine all around the player.

Graphics -:

Voxiom io offers a 3D graphical interface with high-quality Minecraft-style pixelated elements. Additionally, the color patterns used are extremely well-designed and smooth on pixelated elements in the game.

The player will enjoy a retina-friendly gameplay experience which will double the enjoyment in all three game modes of Voxiom io.

Customization -:

In terms of customization, there are quite a few things that can be unlocked as the player progresses further in the game. These are new kinds of weapons, skins, resources, and building materials.

Any kind of customizations are not enabled from the start, player must earn them by increasing their gameplay levels.

Weapons & Health

There is a wide range of weapons available for the player in this free io first-person Minecraft shooting game. From the beginning, the player has a spade, pistol, rifle, and grenades. However, as the player’s mine resources around them, there are various other hidden weapons to get as well.

As for the health, the player needs to be quick to safety because he/she can be shot perfectly from a great distance by a good shooter. Mine resources and shoot other players by hiding behind any kind of defense or build your own.



Here are some of the awesome features Voxiom io offers to its players: