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Release date: Mar, 2019 Publisher: Thelast Studio is an online web browser io fantasy battle royale game that involves both magic and melee fighting skills for the player.


  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys
  • Aiming/looking: Mouse cursor
  • Attacking: Left mouse button
  • Interacting: E
  • Switching weapon/item: 1-6, mouse wheel, or clicking on the inventory slot
  • Jumping off the dragon and descending more quickly: Space bar
  • Use accessory: Space bar

Game Description: is an online web browser io fantasy battle royale game that involves both magic and melee fighting skills for the player.

The main goal of the game, as the name suggests, is to be the last one standing in the battleground. To achieve this aim, players can use both magical and melee skills to eliminate others and defend themselves.

So, are you up for this fantasy io battle adventure? Let’s learn how you can play!


How to Play Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, Weapons, & Features


Earning XP -:

At the start of a match, every player will be parachuted to the map area, and hence they’ll start collecting scattered items and killing others along the way. That’s the straightforward way to score XP points in

However, there are three different modes to play in this fantasy MMO battle royale game: Solo, Duo (two-player team), and joining/creating a team.

Additionally, the player must create an account and log in to save progress and enjoy additional features of the game. If you play without creating an account, you will have to wait an hour for each game mode to get unlocked.

Playing Environment -:

This io web browser MMO fighting game offers a top-down or aerial view perspective. Additionally, the in-game screen shows a lot of legends for the players. There is a map radar, logged players list, and a score bar for the player’s guidance.

Graphics -: is based on a 2D GUI module, but with very compelling and visually appealing color patterns. The graphics used are of top-class quality, and the color dynamics are retina-friendly which puts less strain on the player’s eyes.

Customization -:

Customization and cosmetics are plenty in this fantasy battle royale web game. However, the player needs to create an account to enjoy the cosmetics feature.

Once you are logged in, you can change skin color, change characteristic items like a hat, hand accessories; weapons, emojis, laugh style, and so much more.

Plus, there is an in-game shop as well for premium purchases which offers lots of other exclusive cosmetic items as well.

Weapons & Health -:

Weapons, like cosmetic items, are also in huge quantity. However, the player needs to play the game first and progress a little before unlocking weapons beyond the basic ones.

The health bar is not visible, but whenever you are being hit, the screen will show a red-color effect. A good two or three shots and you will be done away quickly, so play wisely.



Here are some of the top features of


Video Walkthrough: