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Release date: Jul, 2020 Publisher: David Tschacher

Territorial io is a free online strategy and conquering game that offers both multiplayer and solo gaming modes.


  • Use a mouse-scroller to zoom in/out
  • Use the left mouse button to conquer

Game Description:

Territorial io is a free online strategy and conquering game that offers both multiplayer and solo gaming modes. This online io conqueror game has extensive rounds and challenges that the fans of strategic gameplay will love imminently.

So, the goal in Territorial io is simple – claim territory, defend it, and expand it further! This online web browser conquering game gets super excited when played in multiplayer mode, as there are up to 500 players involved at a time.

Therefore, do you have what it takes to defend and conquer territories? Let us find out by playing Territorial io!


How to Play Territorial io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, & Features


Earning XP -:

To earn XP, all the player needs to do is conquer land in all directions. The more territory player conquers, the more points they will get. However, the player must be tactical in choosing their kingdom right from the start – the location plays a vital role in successful conquering.

At the start, the players can choose what type of terrain they like to conquer and go solo or multiplayer – even selecting the game level and how many players they like to play with.

Playing Environment -:

This io web browser strategy game offers a third-person view. The player can choose any place on the world map and any type of terrain they would like to start from.

As the game progresses, the in-game camera also zooms in and out whenever the map area gets congested with too many colonies. However, every area is displayed like a world map for more effortless conquering tactics.

The player can also view logged players and the ones who are scoring higher by successfully conquering lands.

Graphics -:

This io strategy conquering game offers a 2D graphical interface with varied color patterns based on the selected landscape.

All the basic color elements are used based on their respective terrains, such as the desert map will be brown in color or the cliffs area of Europe will be green in color.

Multiplayer – Extensive!

This web browser strategy land-conquering game is one of the most extensive multiplayer in the io games genre. The player can play with up to 500 players at a time. This is real mayhem of land conquering and winning in a multiplayer format.



Here are some of the best features of Territorial io quickly:


Video Walkthrough: