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Release date: Oct, 2018 Publisher: RedEye Productions

Tanko io is a free web browser tank warfare game that has some intensive and explosive tank battle royale fights for the players.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move the tank
  • Left mouse button to shoot

Game Description:

Tanko io is a free web browser tank warfare game that has some intensive and explosive tank battle royale fights for the players. There will be two teams, consisting of 5 players each, which will go head-to-head against each other in all-demolition tank warfare.

The goal of this io battle royale game is unique and exciting – destroy the base of the enemy team by damaging their health with your strikes. Therefore, the first team to destroy the enemy’s base will be the winner.

This is one hell of a team-based io tank warfare online game that every lover of online team-battle royale will love. So, are you one of them, too? Let’s find out your team-based artillery skills here in Tanko io!


How to Play Tanko io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Weapons, Customization, & Features


Earning XP -:

Earning XP points is simple enough in Tanko io – kill your enemies and earn XP scores. However, your XP points will double up as you also collect resources and or prizes left by demolishing tanks on the battlefield.

The player who makes the most kills will be the one to get the highest XP points. The player can either choose to be in the “Allied Forces” team or the “Soviet Union” team.

Playing Environment -:

This web browser tank battle royale game offers side-scrolling physics with a top-down, or aerial, view perspective. The player can go both backward and forward with their tank battalion.

The in-game screen shows logged-in players from both teams, the player’s kill meter, an in-game radar, and the health score of both teams at the top.

So, the game’s screen is quite intuitive, and the players will waste no time in understanding how to play this exciting tank demolition game online.

Graphics -:

A high-quality 3D GUI with beautiful colored metrics awaits any player who would love to play Tanko io. The in-game elements are designed quite beautifully with a sleek and edgy style to them.

Plus, the battleground and collectibles themselves are quite colorful and very friendly to the player’s eyes. Therefore, have a lot of fun playing with your team in this graphically-beautiful tank battle royale io game.

Weapons & Health -:

The player’s tank is fitted with the basic bomber. However, as the player progresses and collects rewards on-field, new weapons and defense abilities will be unlocked. These weapon upgrades are missiles, big bombs, a defense shield, and lots of other upgrades.

The health bar is just on the top of each player’s tank. Pay heed to it as it depletes. Some collectibles can refill the tank’s health bar entirely.

Customization -:

However, at the start of the game, the player can choose any one tank from among the many listed in the menu. Afterward, the game does not have much customization, but more upgrades and abilities which makes the gameplay more focused and ideal for a free web battle game.

Multiplayer -:

Tanko io is a complete multiplayer tank warfare web game. The player will only have the option to play in a multiplayer-er tank battle royale – after choosing their team.



Here are some of the best features of Tanko io:


Video Walkthrough: