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Release date: Nov, 2020 Publisher: LapaMauve

Taming io is a free online io survival game in which the player tames pets and uses them to fight other players in the game.


  • WASD or ZQSD or arrow keys to move
  • Left mouse button to attack

Game Description -:

Taming io is a free online io survival game in which the player tames pets and uses them to fight other players in the game. Mine and create items, build your base, and defend it against other players’ attacks with the help of your tamed pets.

In this ultimate web browser io survival game, only the savviest of the survivors will last! Try it out and see if you can win over this survival battle royale.


How to Play Taming io: Gameplay, Graphics, Customization, & Features

Earning XP -:

Earning XP points is by far the simplest in Taming io. All the player needs to do – from the start – is to harvest resources around them, like tree wood, and start building their base. With each effort, the player will age, and each time he/she ages, the player will earn rewards.

In the beginning, there is only the player and his/her pet. As the player progresses and earns more rewards, they obtain special survival skills which help them later in the game.

Playing Environment -:

This free survival web browser io game offers a top-down view. The in-game camera is fast and moves quickly in the direction of the player. The map area is filled with animals and resources, waiting there to be obtained and tamed by the player.

The in-game screen also shows logged players, the in-game menu, the weapon bar, and the player’s resource vault as well as the aging bar.

Graphics -:

Taming io has great artistic style graphics that is based on a 3D interface. Like all other io games based on cartoon-style graphics, this one also offers a superior artistic graphical interface with well-designed elements.

Customizations -:

There are skin-level and building cosmetics available in the game. However, most of them had to be purchased by gold rewards the player earns in-game.

As far as the free ones are concerned, the player can enjoy three basic skins since the onset of this free io survival game: brown skin, light brown skin, and dark brown skin. Furthermore, the player can also change up to 7 different colors of dust that rises from the feet of the player.

Other customizations are to be purchased via earning gold coins in the game.

Multiplayer – Yes!

Taming io is a complete multiplayer game where the player can directly hop in for a quick session with 10 other players online.

However, there is one unique multiplayer feature to this game: the player can become friends with other players and can eventually form a team with some of them.



Some of the great features of this free io survival battle royale game are as follows:


Video Walkthrough: