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Release date: Aug, 2020 Publisher: Bombsight Games

STUG io is a free web browser tank battle royale game that is a fiercely heavy-duty and graphically advanced io web browser game.


  • WASD = move
  • Shift = boost
  • Left-click = fire
  • 1, 2, and 3 = use killstreaks
  • Middle mouse button = alert teammates to a point
  • Space = handbrake (wheeled vehicles only)

Game Description:

STUG io is a free web browser tank battle royale game that is a fiercely heavy-duty and graphically advanced io web browser game. In this team battle royale io game, the player takes control of WW2 panzers to annihilate enemies, defend their turfs, and achieve victory at all costs.

STUG io presents three different game modes where the player can join and test their battle skills with a panzer. However, be warned – the battle will be intensely extensive! Let’s find out how to play STUG io right away!


How to Play STUG io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Weapons, Customizations, & Features

Earning XP -:

Whether you choose to play any game mode, “Conquest” or “Battle (Unlocks at level 5)”, you need to make kills and capture the enemy’s turfs to score XP points.

You will be a part of a tank battalion, so there will be a cover for your back. However, you do need to be quick and decisive otherwise an enemy tank is always around to destroy you.

Initially, you will be playing in the conquest mode. Once you attain “Rank 5,” you will be able to play a team-battle royale game as well.

STUG io also offers a training mode known as the “Tank Game.” Play it to learn how to control your panzer on the battlefield.

Playing Environment -:

This tank io battle royale web game offers side-scrolling physics from a top-down/aerial view perspective. You will be controlling your tank as a third-person player.

The in-game screen is set to a minimal amount of intrusion so the player will be able to fully focus on the battlefield activities.

Graphics -:

STUG io offers a 2D enhanced graphical interface with some heavy-duty GUI elements. If your system is substantial in graphical resources, you will enjoy top-class modern gaming-style graphics in this io web browser game.

The color patterns used in the game provide a life-like environment to the overall battlefield. This is indeed an accomplishment for a web browser genre game.

Weapons & Health -:

There are diverse weapons that come with your tank, as well as many others that can be obtained via progressing in the game. The tanks also exhibit special abilities, such as defense shield and angle-shoot ability, which are very helpful in the fight.

Health needs to be cared for in STUG io. Just two shoots from an enemy can blow your panzer to pieces. Therefore, use walls and your tank’s defensive abilities to defend yourself against constantly marching enemies.

Customization -:

In terms of customizations, this io web browser skill battle game offers plenty again. Apart from weapons and tank customizations which you will win on the battlefield, there is also a shop in-game.

The player can buy additional stuff from the shop as well. However, to save your progress and use several features of the game, you need to create an account in-game.

Multiplayer – Completely

STUG io is a fully multiplayer-only game. You can either play with others or your friends in a tank battle royale online.



Here are some core features of this web browser tank game at a glance:


Video Walkthrough: