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Release date: Nov, 2016 Publisher: Neuronality

StarBlast io is a free space warfare io game that is available on the web browser, Android, iOS, and Steam. Play it fully & free on


Basic Gameplay Controls:

  • Arrow keys to drive
  • LMB to shoot

Game Description:

StarBlast io is a free space warfare io game that is available on the web browser, Android, iOS, and Steam. This is one of the most graphically-enhanced and exciting space shooter io games available right now.

In StarBlast io, a player has his/her battleship in which they will fight against other players and can even mine asteroids in space for resources. There is everything for everyone in this challenging and advanced free io space shooter game.


How to Play StarBlast io: Gameplay, Graphics, Customization, Weapons, Health, & Features

Earning XP -:

The player will earn XP points by eliminating other players and by collecting gems by shooting passing asteroids. More XP points mean more unlocked weapons, power gauges, defenses, and customizations.

There are four different types of modes in StarBlast io that are Team Mode, Invasion, Survival, and Pro Deathmatch. Each of these gaming modes has different XP point ratings and methods of procurement.

The player must try these different challenges to know how good he/she is at battling out in space warfare. To prepare the player for all types of games, there is a very intuitive training session as well in the game.

Playing Environment -:

This free online space warfare io game has an open-space environment, where the player is fully immersed in a space battle against other fighters. The game offers a third-person view due to which the player can see a large space area.

The in-game screen moves quickly in all directions wherever the player’s battleship moves. The in-game screen is also very intuitive. It shows all the in-game players, a radar to detect incoming attackers/objects, the player’s score, and the ammo count meter.

Graphics -:

StarBlast io has many enhanced graphics for an io web browser game genre. Players will enjoy a fully 3D environment with a high-quality graphical interface that is a bit hardware-demanding.

If fps (frames per second) is stuck during gameplay, try lowering graphics quality in-game and you will be good to go.

The color patterns, like all other elements in the game, are also varied and in-depth. Players will experience great color depth in all elements which will further increase the gameplay excitement.

Weapons & Health -:

Weapons have a great range in this free io space warfare game, and right from the beginning. There is an exclusive weapons vault in StarBlast io where all the obtained weapons in-game are stored. Some of the weapons are as follows:

And hell, lots of other weapons too. The player will collect each weapon based on how many gems they collect. These gems are used to upgrade your spaceship’s defenses and weapons. The weapon’s meter on the left side of the screen will show the ammo count in your weapons.

As far as health goes, the player either needs to upgrade their defenses to withhold attacks or swiftly move away from incoming shots. One perfect shot is enough to obliterate your battleship.

Customization -:

Customization and cosmetics of weapons and the spaceship are also of good range. Players can upgrade their battleship’ color, weapons, and design. There is even a secondary small ship accompanying the player’s main battleship in some cosmetic upgrades.

Multiplayer – Four & In-Depth!

There is another great feature of this free web browser io game, and that is its rich multiplayer game modes. Players can join in a survival, invasion, team mode, and pro deathmatch. All these four game modes are fully multiplayer and provide great challenging gameplay for the player.



Here are some of the cool features of StarBlast io in a quick snap:


Video Walkthrough: