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Release date: Apr, 2020 Publisher: Anthm is an online web browser music quiz game that has exciting, fun, and knowledge-testing dynamics.


  • Left mouse button to choose answers

Game Description: is an online web browser music quiz game that has exciting, fun, and knowledge-testing dynamics. Players can play both solo and multiplayer with their friends online.

So, the goal here is to guess songs correctly by the artists/bands, as the player listens to a 10-second original track recording. There are two types of game modes here: classic (beta) and play with friends.

Plus, before starting, the player can choose from up to 10 different musical genres. The game will introduce players to some new and emerging bands/artists, as well as rediscover their old classic loved ones, too.

Let’s learn now how you can play the!


How to Play Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, & Features


Earning XP -:

Scoring XP points in this online musical quiz io game is very simple. After you selected your music genre, you will be asked to choose from either daily (genre) quest or a random game.

Both game modes are a little different, as also the method to score XPs in them.

If the player chooses “daily (genre) quest,” they will have to listen to a song recording for 10 seconds and must guess the correct artist/title from the list of four options. To win the round, the player needs to give correct answers in as few tries as possible. Giving incorrect suggestions/attempts will increase the length of the round and decrease XP points.

On the other hand, the “random” round picks up from any category/era in the same music genre you have chosen to play. The quiz dynamics will be to give correct answers by listening to a recording for 5 seconds, within the four given options. With every correct guess, you score an XP point.

Playing Environment -: offers a top-down view. The game is very intuitive and offers an easy path to playing in whatever musical genre and game mode you like.

Here’s how you can navigate your way to the kind of quiz you’ll like to play: press “play now” from the main screen which will take you to the music genre selection page.

On this same page, at the top, the player can choose either to play solo by selecting “classic (beta)’ mode or the “play with friends” mode. Once you have selected your genre, you will go to the genre’s quiz page.

From here, the player can select either the “daily (genre) quiz,” or the “random” one. And thus, your online web browser music quiz will get underway!

Graphics -:

The game’s graphics are very beautiful with a well-designed color pattern. The overall main background is painted with light-purple which is pleasant to the eyes and visual-friendly as well.

However, small quiz boxes within all different music genres display a variety of colorful patterns. There are genuine high-quality pictures and images of bands/artists in this io music quiz game.

Overall, with a great graphical interface and retina-friendly colors, the gameplay experience in is indeed likable.

Multiplayer – With Friends

This online music quiz game offers a multiplayer mode in which the players can play with their friends online. The players can either create their customized quiz room or join another hosted room by inserting the room number.



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