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Release date: Jan, 2019 Publisher: Geisha Tokyo Inc.

Snowball io is a fun and exciting multiplayer snowball battle royale game. The player starts on a tiny icy ground & throws ice balls to finish off other players.


  • Hold the left mouse button to move and make a snowball, release to shoot.

Game Description:

Snowball io is a fun and exciting multiplayer snowball battle royale game. The player starts on a tiny icy ground where he/she will compete with 5 other players. Each player must accumulate ice as they move along to make it bigger and to use it to obliterate/dislodge other players from the map.

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How to Play Snowball io: Gameplay, Graphics, Customization, & Features

Earning XP -:

Player will earn XP points whenever they dislodge or hit another player and finishes them off. The last standing player on the battleground will be crowned the winner. The player must make it quick before the entire icy ground melts and drags everyone under the water.

There are two game modes in Snowball io: Quickplay and mission. Quick play will start a quick battle between the players and 5 other players. The mission-based will be a set of rounds in which the player has to win all rounds to win the tournament.

Playing Environment -:

This free io battle royale game offers an aerial view, or top-down, perspective. The physics of Snowball io is very flexible for playing as the on-game screen moves smoothly as the player moves in all directions.

The battle arenas will change as the player progresses further in the game. The in-game screen will also show players that are playing and the game’s progress.

Graphics -:

This free io web browser snow battle royale game offers a crispy 3D graphics interface. This makes it quite trendy GUI gaming of sorts.

The icy arctic ground below is quite smooth and sits above a blue sea, which has no waves and appears plain. The player’s ice accumulator will move smoothly on the icy ground.

Customization -:

There are some free cosmetics available in this free io battle royale game, and that too from the start. These cosmetics are the skins that players can use freely.

Plus, each skin will proffer different colors on the player’s ice machine. Additionally, new skins will be unlocked for use when the player wins and scores more XP points.

Multiplayer – Yes!

Snowball io is a complete multiplayer game that is designed to be a funny and exciting ice fight. The player will be up against 5 other players. The aim is to dislodge them out of the icy arctic ground or hit them with accumulated ice while keeping oneself safe from other’s attacks.



Here are some of the great features of this exciting io snowball battle royale game:


Video Walkthrough: