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Release date: Nov, 2019 Publisher: K&S Games

SlitherCraft io is a free online io snake game that has Minecraft-styled graphics. Eat, destroy, & grow to be the biggest snake in this Minecraft-style io game.


  • Mouse move: move
  • Left mouse button: speed up
  • Right mouse button: throw TNT
  • Enter: chat

Game Description:

SlitherCraft io is a free online io snake game that has Minecraft-styled graphics. A predecessor to such popular io online snake games like the Little Big Snake, SlitherCraft io is also based on the classic Nokia Snake game.

In this free io web browser snake game, the player needs to slither and slide their way to become the most giant snake on the map. Eat blocks and dead snakes on the ground, as well as throw TNTs on your opponent’s snake to take them down.

All this with Minecraft-style graphics: SlitherCraft io is one of the best io snake games online that classic snake game lovers will find on a web browser.


How to Play SlitherCraft io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Weapons & Health, & Features

Earning XP -:

The player needs to eat Minecraft blocks lying everywhere on the map area. As the player eats each block, their XP score increases. However, be on alert for bigger snakes than you or TNT blocks that are intentionally left to destroy other snakes (will appear less dark than other blocks).

Specifically, look for diamond blocks as they will provide bigger scores for the player’s snake.

Playing Environment -:

SlitherCraft io provides a huge map area to explore. The game offers a third-person view, and the player will see all the logged players in the top-right corner of the screen. Furthermore, the player can enable a full-screen session or exit back to the main menu by using buttons on the top-left side of the in-game screen.

The view perspective will go in any direction where the player’s snake heads.

Graphics -:

As is already said, the game is based on Minecraft-style graphics where everything is sharp, crisp; blocked, and pixelated style elements. For all of those who have played Minecraft, this free io Minecraft snake game is the ultimate best.

Weapons & Health -:

SlitherCraft io offers it’s player a simple and fun TNT block in the form of weapons. Players need to keep themselves from one, as well as pick them up from the map and use them wisely on opponents.

As far as health is concerned, the player needs to avoid getting hit by other big snakes or TNTs placed to kill snakes. One bad strike will get you back to respawn time.

Multiplayer – Yes!

This free io Minecraft snake game is a multiplayer-only io feature. To start a game, the player only writes his/her nick and simply clicks on “Play.” Thus, the player will be up against 10 other players on the map area in an open-action survival battle.



Here are some of the cool features this free io web browser snake game offers to its players:


Video Walkthrough: