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Release date: Feb, 2017 Publisher: ticedev

Skribbl io is a free io multiplayer drawing game that is an exciting and unique approach to the io Pictionary games genre.


  • Use the left mouse button to draw
  • Write your guesses in the chat via keyboard 

Game Description:

Skribbl io is a free io multiplayer drawing game that is an exciting and unique approach to the io Pictionary games genre. This free io web browser drawing game is an exciting and fun video game for those players who enjoy Pictionary genre games.

To win in Skribbl io, the player needs to draw any object and others must guess it correctly, and very quickly, too! The player will be up against other players online in public multiplayer, as well as can play up to 12 players in private mode.

So, do you have the skill to draw and conceal your word wisely? Try it out in Skribbl io!


How to Play Skribbl io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, & Features

Earning XP -:

The player will earn XP points whenever they guess a drawing correctly or becomes successful in confusing other players with his/her drawing, which they will be unable to guess in the end. It is a simple and fun way to win.

There are other players as well in a gaming session on Skribbl io, so each player must wait for their turn before drawing. However, in this while, the player can use their knowledge of things to guess the name of the object being drawn on the screen.

Playing Environment -:

This free io drawing web browser game has a very neat and brilliant playing environment. The game offers a third-person view where the player can see a whiteboard in the center, the logged-in players on the left side, and a chatting box on the right side.

Graphics -:

Graphics in Skribbl io is a superior artistic type, something exclusively relevant to Pictionary genre games. The beautifully crafted color patterns and old MS-Dos 2D 8-bit graphics make up for great Pictionary gameplay.

The players will get nostalgic feelings when playing this free online io drawing game.

Customization -:

The game offers simple customization in terms of words and custom drawing time. However, these customizations are only available in a private gaming session that the player him/herself hosts.

Multiplayer – Yes!

Skribbl io is a complete multiplayer io drawing game. The player can play with friends in private sessions or simply play online with others in public mode.



Here are some great features which Skribbl io offers to its players:


Video Walkthrough: