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Release date: May, 2022 Publisher: ASDF Games

Ships3D io is an online web browser battle game that involves naval warfare, featuring classic wooden frigates on a sea of chaos and battle.


  • WASD = move
  • Mouse = look around
  • F = interact with steering, sail, and cannons when standing close to them.

Game Description -:

Ships3D io is an online web browser battle game that involves naval warfare, featuring classic wooden frigates in a sea of chaos and battle. This io warfare game is an extensive battle royale feature where players will handle classic armada-style naval frigates in open-sea warfare.

Ships3D io is a PVP multiplayer which means that real players will be competing in the game. Play solo or team up with your friends and be the ultimate sea power on the map.


How to Play Ships3D io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, Weapons, & Features


Earning XP -:

As soon as you are in the open sea, hit other frigates with the cannons on your ship. The more enemy ships you sink and destroy, the more XP points you will gain. It is as simple as that!

The developer ASDF Games has crafted the game wisely and has enabled a helper bot option for new players. You can configure the helper bot to assist you in tasks such as steering the ship, catering to sails, and assisting with the cannons.

Because there will be a huge battle royale in the open sea, the “helper bot” option is a great feature for the players to utilize.

Playing Environment -:

Ships3D io offers a first-person view that is quick and on-spot. The in-game screen will show logged players, a basic gameplay keys menu, and a chat window on the left-bottom side.

Upon engaging in the battle, the player will also see the kind of cannons they are throwing at other ships right at the top center.

The in-game camera moves quickly in all directions so the player can easily spot an enemy and throw a cannon to demolish them.

Graphics -:

This io web browser ship battle game offers 3D GUI and elements. The elements, and the graphical interface itself, have an edgy and pointy style of graphics. This makes the entire gameplay less cluttered and more focused on the naval warfare arena.

The color patterns are also simple with no more than three types of color schemes used in the game: blue sea, light brown wooden ships, and black cannon guns.

Customization -:

Players can upgrade their weapon and ship’s defenses by leveling up and earning gold as they win. However, customization in the form of cosmetics is not available in this io battleship game.

Weapons & Health -:

The player starts with a basic cannon gun, like everyone else. However, as they progress further in the game and earn accolades, their cannon gun upgrades to more power as well.

However, apart from cannon guns, there are no additional weapons in Ships3D io. There is also no health bar to indicate how much you can take before you go down under.

However, it takes 5 to 7 shots of cannons at your ship to sink you. Beware of such an onslaught and save yourself from any aggressive attacker.

Multiplayer – Yes!

Ships3D io is a fully multiplayer web browser game. You can either play solo against competitors globally or you can even team up with your friends by sharing a unique code with each one and recruiting them as your crewmates.



Here are some great features of this free io ship battle royale game:


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