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Release date: Oct, 2019 Publisher: Night Steed Games

SeaDragons io is an ultimate sea dragon grow and dominance game that is inspired by snake io games, such as


  • Move your mouse to control the sea dragon’s movement
  • Press the left mouse button to boost movement speed

Game Description:

SeaDragons io is an ultimate sea dragon growth and dominance game that is inspired by snake io games, such as In this exciting grow io web game, the player will take on the role of a mythical sea monster in the great depths of the ocean.

The player needs to devour other aquatic beings around them to grow bigger, and at the same time, try to survive other mythical creatures who are far bigger and more dangerous.

Ultimately, the one who manages to amess the biggest mass will stand at the top of the seafood chain. So, do you have what it takes to evolve your sea dragon into the mightiest creature in the ocean?

Let’s find out!


How to Play SeaDragons io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customizations, & Features


Earning XP -:

In SeaDragons io, the player will score XP points by devouring all aquatic things (plankton, fish, orbs, etc.) around them and successfully growing their size.

So, the greater the mass is, the more XP points you will score.

Playing Environment -:

The game offers a top-down convenient view perspective for the player. There is a lot of room to explore in-game with this on-screen view.

Additionally, the in-game screen also shows logged players, a power-up meter, a clock timer, and the collection vault.

All these indicators will help the player to keep track of their progress in the game.

Graphics -:

This io evolution web browser game offers a great graphical interface that is based on a 3D module. The color patterns used in-game are varied, rich in context, and quite colorful as well.

The overall graphical environment in SeaDragons io is pleasing to the eye and quite retina-friendlier.

Customizations -:

Five different sea dragons can be unlocked in this epic web browser eat and grow game. Three dragons are unlocked right from the beginning. However, as the player progresses in the game, they can also unlock new dragons and several customizations that come with them.

Plus, there is an in-game shop as well where players can easily purchase upgrades via orbs and sea claims they collect in-game.

To add more value to the customizations, a premium shop is available from where players can purchase packs of several upgrades at once.

Multiplayer – Yes!

SeaDragons io is an MMO web browser game, which means it is a massively multiplayer PVP with real players playing against each other.

So, if you want to save your kills and progress, you should register an account and log in with that when playing SeaDragons io.



Some of the noticeable features of SeaDragons io are as follows:


Video Walkthrough: